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Yoeleo & WOX join hands in Xiamen cycling campaign - Watch Bike, Save Life!

  The first Xiamen cycle safe campaign “Watch Bike, Save Life!” saw participation of more than 40 riders last Saturday on September 3rd.   The campaign is to raise awareness among motorists that they should watch for cyclists as we are all road users. It also aims to raise money to provide financial assistance to the victims of bicycle accidents.     The participants lined up to sign the specially made passport for this cycling safety campaign.    Half of the participants are international friends from different

Overview of Xiamen cycling safety campaign for Sep. 3rd, 2016

Slogan: Watch Bike, Save Life!  Chinese slogan: 和谐骑行 安全有你 Proposed event date: September 3rd, 2016  Principle organizer: Yoeleo Carbon Technology Event host: WOX  Charity: China Disabled Persons Federation - CDPF   Scope     Watch for bikes, save a life! Our purpose is to raise road safety awareness among the motorists in Xiamen to be on the lookout for bikes. For the first trial run, we are to launch an organized bicycle ride of about 30 to 40 people on September