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Li Lin, a sexy and talented model based in Xiamen, Fujian

Li Lin            Li Lin   Born on 22nd March, 1993 in Zhangzhou, Fujian, Li Lin has become a well-known runway model in China’s modeling circle at the age of 19. Standing at 175cm, she has a beautiful and attractive slim body with BWH measurements of 86/62/88cm. Li was elevated to fame overnight after she came second in Miss Xiamen in 2012. After the contest, the sexy and skilled model joined Xiamen 80 SPR (80后时尚模特机构), a modeling agency based in Xiamen. A confident girl, Li is sure that

Wang Yanni, a famous part-time model & singer from Xiamen

Wang Yanni         Wang Yanni Wang Yanni, an Aries girl, is a part-time print ad model and famous singer based in Xiamen, Fujian. Standing at 160cm, Wang weighs 42kg with a slender figure and an unforgettable smile that helps her stand out. Born in 1985, Wang has been a frequent winner in singing and dancing competitions since she was 15 years old. In 2008, she rose to fame overnight after she became a candidate of Xing Guang Da Dao (星光大道), a talent competition similar to American Idol. Incidentally, her favorite singer is

Lin Jing, a part-time model for fashion magazines in Xiamen

Lin Jing       Lin Jing Also named Vivian, this 163cm Libra girl is a part-time model for fashion magazines in Xiamen at present. She is good at singing, dancing, photography and posing in front of cameras. Lin has gained many honors in various contests. She was dubbed as the "Smiling Angel" in the China’s Print Ad Model Contest and became the spokeswoman of National (Fujian Division) Print Ad Model Competition later. Japanese cuisine and Korean cuisine are her favorite foods. And she works out twice a week to keep fit. She likes

Weng Lin, a renowned professional model based in Xiamen

Weng Lin        Weng Lin Standing out in the 2012 Miss China-Australia International Tourism Pageant, one of the celebration activities for the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Australia, Weng Lin is now a renowned part-time model in Fujian province. The young girl from Longyan, Fujian, rose to fame overnight as she became one of the Top 20 contestants of MISS-TICA 2012 on 10th August, 2012 at the age of 16 and later shone as one of the image spokespeople of Fujian tourist attractions. Weng is a student at

Zhang Dongying, a versatile model based in Xiamen

Zhang Dongying       Zhang Dongying   Born on 4th February 1993 in Xiamen, Zhang Dongying is a part time model in her hometown. Zhang is a born model as she has a height of 170cm, a weight of 51kg and beautiful tanned skin. Zhang is gifted in many ways. She is a good painter, writer, costume designer, and especially a talented photographer. "It is said that Xiamen is a shutterbug’s paradise, so I’m in the paradise,” said Zhang. She is obsessed with photographing flowers, grasses and water drops, since

Mo Kexin, an elegant part-time model based in Xiamen

  Mo Kexin       Mo Kexin   Mo Kexin is a Pisces girl who works as a part time model and is based in Xiamen. Mo has a height of 163cm, a weight of 45kg, and a BWH measurement of 83/58/87cm. Maybe she is not tall enough for the T-stages; but she stands out as a cover model. Weight is always a concern for models. As a more sensible model that isn’t looking to starve herself, Mo chooses to dance. She started learning dance at a very young age. After so many years studying it, she is extremely skilled today. However, dancing alone for that

Zhang Lin, a talented model with a curvy figure from Xiamen

Zhang Lin        Zhang Lin   Zhang Lin, born on 20th October, is a professional model living in Xiamen, Fujian province. She is 170 cm in height and weighs 50.5 kg, with a BWH measurement of 82/64/90 cm.       Zhang has distinguished herself as a model not only because of her curvaceous figure but because of her unusual talent. Zhang began modeling at a very young age, first starting as a children’s clothing model. Even though she was young, she knew exactly how to pose for the camera, which is why she was

Li Kailin, an elegant Xiamen model who likes reading

Li Kailin       Li Kailin   Born on 14th May, 1991, Li Kailin is now in her prime. She is 164cm tall and weighs 45kg, with a BWH measurement of 82/62/84. Lin is a huge Harry Potter fan and wants to be just like the fictional character, striving to find out the truth and fight for justice. She enjoys reading and listening to light music early in the morning. She is at her happiest when the fresh morning air hits her face, and it revitalizes her for her whole day. Li is an environmentalist. She cherishes every grain of sand, blossoming flower, or
Li Kailin   Xiamen model     

Lin Xiaxuan, a part-time fashion model in Fuzhou

Lin Xiaxuan         Lin Xiaxuan   Minny, whose Chinese name is Lin Xiaxuan, was born in Quanzhou, and is now a part-time model for fashion magazines. With a BWH measurement of 85/63/86 cm, she is a gorgeous beauty who belongs on the stage. Lin is a very independent girl. She dreams of being free to do things as she wishes. Li has been to many places all by herself; Maldives is the next country she wants to visit. However, inside she is still just a little girl. Dogs are her favorite animal and pink and white are her favourite colours.

Song Qibao, a sweet Xiamen model who doesn't like sweet food

Song Qibao          Song Qibao      Song Qibao, 23, has a height of 165cm and a weight of 45kg. She has bust/waist/hips of 84/60/90cm. She is currently an amateur model based in Xiamen, Fujian, China.   When she stands in front of a camera, she acts like a professional model.  Maggie Q, the American actress and former fashion model, is her favorite star, so she is working hard to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional model, as she says “one day I will become another Maggie Q and stand on the

Xiamen model Xiaoyang Chen hopes to learn fashion in Paris

 Xiaoyang Chen           Xiaoyang Chen   Xiaoyang Chen, a Sagittarius girl coming from Hunan, is now working hard in Xiamen to pursuit her romantic dream. Becoming a real model is her dream since she was a teenager. She joined several beauty contests for models since she was 14 years old.   Standing at 172cm and weighting 50 kg, this good-looking girl is born with a slim body and now has vital statistics of 83/64/86.   Chocolate is her favorite dessert and she likes reading fashion magazines. She

Oz model Aimee Butler, a rising star in Xiamen's model circle

Aimee Bulter is an Australian expat who was born in Taiwan and raised in Australia.                  Aimee Butler   Aimee Butler is an Australian expat who was born in Taiwan and raised in Australia. She is currently living in Xiamen and she only speaks English. Like a blooming rose, she is active in the Xiamen modeling circle.   Aimee studied at the acting school Adelaide Centre for the Arts (ACARTS), where she completed a full year's training program. After that, she began modeling in

Xiamen model Zuhua Liu is proud of her sexy legs

Zuhua Liu             Zuhua Liu   Standing at 174cm, weighing 51kg, this Gemini girl is shining just like a star in the Xiamen modeling circle. She is exceedingly fascinating, charming, and just like a beautiful and gentle Persian cat. She loves her legs because she thinks they are the sexiest parts of her body.   She is a soft spoken person and for her, a concise word is a better choice than a sentence.   She is active in the modeling circle and used to take part in the auto shows in Shanghai, Nanjing, and

Luo Luo, a Xiamen-born fashionable and experienced model

Luo Luo              Luo Luo    Standing at 160cm, weighing 44kg, and with vital statistics of 87/65/85cm, Luo Luo, born in Shenzhen, is an active model based in Xiamen.   Luo Luo entered art school when she was 11, specializing in Chinese national dance for five years. Then she chose to be a dancer. She also has an interesting experience of being a weather forecast announcer.   Most importantly, she never ceases striving becoming a professional model and she has the gift of being

Xiamen girl Yanping ZHONG likes dancing and cooking

Born as a Pisces girl, Yanping’s hobbies include dancing, etiquette training and cooking. Her favourite colours are black, orange and blue.     Standing at 169cm, Xiamen girl Zhong Yanping was picked as the 2012 Spokesperson for Xiamen’s Huli Model Network (www.modelgood.com).   Born as a Pisces girl, Yanping’s hobbies include dancing, etiquette training and cooking. Her favourite colours are black, orange and blue.   Apart from modeling, Yanping would like