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Xiamen Metro Line 1 to bypass Zhongshan Road old town area

  The planned Xiamen Metro Line 1 will bypass the Zhongshan Road old town area to better protect the historical architecture in the area, according to a report drawn up by Zhao Yanjing, director of the Xiamen Urban Planning Bureau at a government meeting held on Wednesday. The municipal government has designated protected old town areas on the island and clearly stated that large-scale demolition and renovation projects are prohibited in those areas, said Mr. Zhao Yanjing. The route planning of the Xiamen Metro Line 1 has also been adjusted to protect the historical

Xiamen's old town area to shine historical glamour under new proposal

Xiamen Zhongshan Road (file photo)   According to a proposal put forwarded by the city’s municipal CPPCC, Xiamen will strive to build Lujiang Road, Zhongshan Road and its surrounding area into a "historical style commercial port area”, reported Strait Herald on Friday. The old Xiamen area, which is separated from the famous Gulangyu Island only by a strip of water, will undergo streetscape improvement, traffic transformation and other renovations to offer a new place for the tourists explore the authentic Xiamen and Southern Fujian culture.