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Police car to patrol on Xiamen BRT bridges for serious emergencies

    A police car with armed police officers starts patrolling BRT bridges in Xiamen starting August 14.     The patrol car will only respond to serious emergencies that disrupt the normal operation of the BRT system, and is equipped with four armed police officers, as well as a set of emergency tools including lifesaving equipment, window-breaking equipment, inspection equipment and police stop sticks armed with tyre-piercing nails. The police officers are also armed with sub-machine guns, Beretta 92 pistols and

Expat found illegally working deported from Xiamen

According to the Xiamen Police, an expat was found illegally working and living in Xiamen, and was finally deported after an illegal stay of more than 500 days.    The expat, who came to Xiamen two years ago with a tourist visa, admitted to staying and working illegally as a housekeeper in Xiamen.    After being detained, the expat was fined and deported from Xiamen. The employer was detained and fined for illegal employment of expats, and ordered to undertake the expat's repatriation costs and expenses.    According to the Exit and

Xiamen father seeking boy who goes missing at No.1 Port on July 7

   A six-year-old boy from Henan Province went missing at No.1 Port in Xiamen about 3 p.m.on July 7, 2015.    His father reported to the police and now is seeking the public to help locate his son. The boy was dressed as shown in the above photo when he went missing. He speaks in a local accent of Henan.         Please call Mr. Guan on 15236330221 or Troy LEE on 13459268822 if you have made spotting of the boy. Thank you!   SOURCE: WOX News

Xiamen Police bust 'zombie drug' den in Tong'an District

1.8 tons of semi-finished methcathinone and 1.29 tons of ephedrine were seized during the raid.     Xiamen Public Security Bureau announced they busted a "zombie drug" den that produced methcathinone, a flesh-eating drug that makes people act like zombies.    1.8 tons of semi-finished methcathinone and 1.29 tons of ephedrine were seized during the raid.     Five suspects were arrested. They were discovered when officials noticed that they were buying large amount of chemicals used to produce drug. The police located

Xiamen Police confiscate 133 kilograms of 'Milk K' drug

The Xiamen Police confiscated 133 kilograms of the drug “Milk K” and RMB 3.1 million in drug money on May 29, and arrested 7 suspects during the investigation.   It is the first time that the Xiamen Police have confiscated “Milk K”, a new type of drug that is much more expensive than the regular “K powder” drug.   The suspects, with the surnames Lai, Liu, Hu, and Zeng, rented a 30-square-meter shed from a chicken farmer in Linfang Village in Longyan where they produced 133 kilograms of “Milk K” over a period 10

Driver of unlicensed car gets highest ever recorded fine with 36 penalty points

The driver of an unlicensed car was deducted 36 points and fined RMB 3,700 for improper driving near the Fengnan Service Zone of the Xiasha Expressway on May 27. The man now holds the record for receiving the highest amount of penalty points in Xiamen’s history.   At 15:07 on May 27, the Xiamen Police received a report that an unlicensed car was driving to the Fengnan Service Zone of the Xiasha Expressway at a speed of 146km/h.   They stopped the unlicensed car and found that no license plate was attached to the car. The driver, Yang, showed them a temporary license

Xiamen boy throws 12 fire extinguishers from high building in 4 months

    Residents living in the Tianhucheng residential district in Haicang District have been suffering from risks of being hit by fire extinguishers thrown from the sky since January 20, and the suspect in the case was finally locked up by the Xiamen Police on May 20. It is astounding that the suspect is only a minor, and his act of throwing 12 fire extinguishers from high buildings since this January was 'just for fun', according to the police. The police have been investigating the case since the first fire extinguisher was thrown off from high building in January, and

Old man forced to kneel in rain after breaking woman's iPhone in Xiamen

The old man said nothing but got off his motorbike and keeled down. The woman then slapped him twice in the face.      Sroll down for video        Recently, a video recording an old man kneeling in the rain and being slapped by a woman in white went viral on the Internet, attracting widespread reactions from netizens. The incident occurred at around 7:00pm on April 20 on Zhenbang Road near Zhongshan Road in Xiamen.    According to the passerby who recorded the video, the woman in white was taking photos of her

Xiamen sets up its first voluntary traffic police team

The number of applicants have exceeded 1,800 up to now     Xiamen’s voluntary traffic police team of Xiamen Software Park launched training sessions about professional traffic knowledge on April 16. The Xiamen Traffic Police started recruiting members to assemble voluntary traffic police this April and have received a great response from the local community, with the number of applicants exceeding 1,800 residents up to now. As the first voluntary traffic police team in Xiamen, the Software Park Voluntary Traffic Police Team consists of 50 members

Big Hero: Xiamen police officers' publicity photos go viral online

The daily work of my team members is energy-consuming, and this idea is a new way to make them feel energetic again, said Mr. Wu Xiaozhen, team leader of the No.1 team of the Jialian Police Station      The No.1 team of the Jialian Police Station, an excellent team with a high case-solving rate, took the Internet by storm with uplifting publicity photos, which are the first of their kind for the Xiamen Police Department.    In 2014, the team solved 128 criminal cases and achieved a rate of 100% in capturing fugitives that the team was ordered to

2 girls from Ukraine and Russia arrested in Xiamen for drugs

A young Ukrainian girl and a young Russian girl were arrested in Xiamen for taking drugs on March 12. According to the press release, the 2 girls were planning to stay in Xiamen for one night to transfer planes and were scheduled to leave Xiamen the next morning. While they were staying in Xiamen, they found a man via the “Momo” dating software app and went out with him to have some drinks. The man, surnamed Wang, who was also arrested by the Xiamen Police for taking drugs, invited the two girls to a hotel after drinking and offered methamphetamines to them. The Xiamen Police

Xiamen Police hunt for 4 knife-wielding suspects for burglary in Haicang

    Xiamen Police are hunting for 4 suspects who stole and fled from the Tianhucheng Residential Community on January 27. According to their investigation, the 4 suspects were fleeing criminals from other provinces, and the black SUV they were driving was rented in Jiangxi and was equipped with fake license plate. The burglary happened around 10:30 am on January 27. The 4 suspects triggered the alarm when they are stealing from a house in the Tianhucheng Residential Community in Haicang District. Security guards rushed to the scene and attempted to stop them,

Nearly 100 tons of fireworks destroyed in Xiamen

    The Xiamen Police destroyed more than 6,000 fireworks weighing nearly 100 tons at a construction site in the Neicuo area of Xiang’an district on January 23. The destruction of fireworks lasted about 3 to 4 hours. According to the introduction, the destroyed fireworks included a batch of fireworks weighing 82.64 tons that were detained at the free trade zone port in 2014. They were declared as clothing/shoes/hats, but were discovered by the staff of Xiamen Customs. Considering the elements of transportation and safety, the Xiamen Police selected

Xiamen bus attack suspect likely connected to Tong'an food factory arson case

Huangzehe is a popular local snack brand in Xiamen      A storage area on the third floor of the Huangzehe Food Factory in the Tong’an Food Industry Park caught fire at about 4:00am on January 15. The fire spread through nearly 1,000 square meters of the factory and firefighters were only able to get the fire under control at around 6:00am. A former employee of the factory, Cai, is suspected as the arsonist of the incident. Cai was dismissed for theft by the company on January 14, according to the police. Later on the same day, at about 8:00am, Cai set

Xiamen Police issue traffic safety notice for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

The Xiamen Police yesterday issued a traffic safety notice for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, specifically mentioning that they would be strictly monitoring roads for drunk drivers over the 2 days. Xiamen Police predicted a traffic peak would happen from 4:00pm on December 24 to 8:00am on December 26, with traffic jams likely to occur at many bustling sections in Xiamen.   As there are a lot of churches located in the old downtown area of Siming District, including the Zhushu Christian Church and the Xinglin Gaopu Catholic Church in the Lujiangdao area, the Xinjie