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Xiamen is the 2nd worst city nationwide to catch a taxi

  Didi Taxi’s latest report about smart travel in China pointed to Chongqing as the number-one most difficult place to get a taxi, followed by Xiamen, Shanghai, Changsha and Foshan.   Beijing took the 10th place in the ranking.   Notable facts about Xiamen taxis: Total number of taxis: About 5,500   Total number of taxi drivers: More than12,400, and 641 of them female   Total number of taxi companies: 14, with 9 on Xiamen Island and 5 in its outlying districts   Recently, many taxi drivers have

35 new public bike stations put into service on Xiamen Island

    Starting from August 1, a total of 1,000 bikes were put into use in 35 new public bike stations on Xiamen Island, covering road sections near Qianpu area and Yunding Bei Road area.    The number of operational bike stations on Xiamen Island amounted to 106, offering 2,100 public bikes in Huli High-Tech Park, Qianpu-Software Park Phase 2 area, and Heshan Jie Dao (禾山街道).    In late August, 249 new bike stations will be put into use around Yundang Lake, Lianqian area and Jinshang Road. All 355 stations for the first phase of the public

Bus transportation hub to be built beside Xiamen Airport T4 building

  A bus terminal station covering an area of 15,493 square meters will be built next to the T4 building of Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport with an investment of about 37.5 million yuan. The project is part of a public transportation improvement project that includes plans to build four bus terminals and renovate 100 bus shelters in Xiamen. Every district will be equipped with a comprehensive transportation hub to connect the local bus system with coach and taxi services. The Xiamen Transportation Bureau will also adjust over 40 bus routes this year to improve bus

Xiamen’s transport to undergo a series of changes from August

    Xiamen’s transportation system is scheduled to undergo a series of changes starting from this August. The changes will include BRT buses, public bikes, bullet trains and main roads in Xiamen.    BRT Line 5 (Qianpu-Tong’an; 23 stops, full-journey fare of RMB 4)     The new BRT line will be put into service on August 1, linking Qianpu BRT Station with Tong’an Junction Station. Running hours: (6:10 a.m. to 9:15 p.m.) A bus every 15 minutes during peak hours and a bus roughly every 16 to 30 minutes during normal

8 special bus lanes planned on Xiamen Island

The local public transportation department held a public meeting on Saturday, July 25 to unveil a proposed dedicated bus lane project on Xiamen Island. The project includes four east-to-west bus lanes and four north-to-south bus lanes: 1. Hubinnan Road and Lianqian Road 2. Dongdu Road and Hubinxi Road 3. Hubinbei Road and Lvling Road 4. Huli Avenue 5. Xianyue Road 6. Jiahe Road 7. Jinshang Road 8. Jinshan Road After completion, the new lanes will speed up bus services by 30 percent during rush hour. The first phase of the project will be Hubinnan Road and

Xiamen to conduct largest-scale survey on residents' transport preferences

A survey on residents' transport patterns and preferences will be conducted among 40,000 sample households in Xiamen from June 13 to 19, according to the Xiamen government.     The survey is expected to provide data support for traffic plans and major construction projects. It is the largest-scale survey of its kind, involving 120,000 residents.    A door-to-door survey operation with questionnaires will be launched. All personal information of surveyed residents will be kept confidential.    The survey will include details

More than 800 new-energy vehicles to hit the road in Xiamen this year

    More than 200 new-energy buses and over 600 new-energy cabs will hit the road in Xiamen by the end of this year, according to Mr. Zhang Shizhao, deputy director of Xiamen the Municipal Bureau of Economics and Informatization.   From last year till this April, the city introduced 237 new-energy vehicles used as buses, government vehicles, cabs and private cars.   Currently, the city has more than 30 new-energy private cars, and their owners are applying for subsidies on their new-energy car purchases. The subsidy can be up to 120,000 yuan for a

Xiamen to resume air-conditioning services on buses on June 1

    According to the schedule released by the Xiamen Bus Group recently, the air-conditioning services on conventional public buses will be resumed on 1st June. Considering weather variations in the city, bus drivers have the right to handle the air conditioning services by themselves to adjust temperatures in the buses.    Xiamen's temperature has exceeded 30℃ in the past few days, and some transportation means in Xiamen, such as BRT buses and airport express lines, have turned on the air conditioning, while air-conditioning services on most of the

Xiamen launches micro-electronic bus stop boards

  The rest of the bus stations are undergoing equipment installation now, and major bus stations such as the the Bingnan Coach Station, the Wucun Bus Station, the Yizhong Station, and the Cruise Transport Hub are expected to be equipped with micro-electronic bus stop boards before the May Day holiday     The first batch of micro-electronic bus stop boards have been put into service in key transportation hubs in Xiamen, at places such as the Xiamen Railway Station Transportation Hub and the Fanghu Transport Center Station, according to the Xiamen Public

10 new-energy buses to be put into service in Xiamen in late April

    Xiamen has been increasing the use of new-energy buses in the city since this year, with the first batch of LNG Plug-in Electric Hybrid buses being put into service on the NO. 651 and No. 118 bus lines, and the buses of the No.18 bus line were fully changed to LNG Plug-in Electric Hybrid buses on April 15. 10 Plug-in Electric Hybrid buses are expected to be put into service on the Xiamen No. 1 bus line by the end of April. The Xiamen government has submitted its policy of providing subsidies for the purchase of new-energy buses to the State Council on April 16, which is

Slow-traffic Xiamen: city to build 5 more public bicycle tracks this year

The public bike sharing system in Haicang was put into use in 2013      Cycling on a public bike around Xiamen Island is becoming a reality. The city plans to build 5 more public cycle tracks this year and 1,000 new public bikes are expected to be put into service in May.     In an effort to build a "Public transport + Slow Traffic"-oriented green traffic system, the city plans to build public cycle tracks covering the main residential areas, bus stations, public facilities, and scenic spots.    With the Huli High-tech

Jimei district to upgrade public transport system

Xiamen’s Jimei district is launching a new project to upgrade its public transport and increase its current number of bus routes to 4, add 7 bus hub stations and 2 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations, and expand 6 existing bus routes in 2015. As one of the 10 major projects aimed at improving people’s wellbeing in Jimei district, the project has completed its public opinions survey and is currently working on a preliminary construction plan. Jimei district, the city’s study village, has a total of 74 bus routes, including 11 special BRT routes, temporary bus routes

Train ticketing service at Wuyi Cultural Square to be canceled from Feb. 4

The southern part of Xiamen Railway Station will be put into operation starting from February 4th         The southern part of Xiamen Railway Station will be put into operation starting from February 4th, and the train ticketing service at the Xiamen Wuyi Cultural Square near the Westin Xiamen will be canceled on the same day.    The train ticketing service at the square was launched after the Xiamen Railway Station was closed for renovation last March.    A total of 31 pairs of trains will stop at the newly

Xiamen launches 3-month maintenance on BRT bridges

One lane of the two-way BRT bridges will be closed for maintenance, but the maintenance will avoid working during the rush hours so as to not cause large disruptions in traffic on the BRT    According to Xiamen BRT Group, maintenance on the BRT bridges was launched on November 24th and is expected to be finished in February next year.    The maintenance will be divided into 7 road sections and will last about 90 days, which will see daily maintenance from 9am to 4:30pm, according to a responsible person at the Xiamen BRT Corporation.    One lane

New BRT interchange station to be built on south end of Jimei Bridge

Jimei Bridge in Xiamen     A new BRT interchange station is expected to be built on the south end of the Jimei Bridge in the near future, according to reports. With a total investment of RMB 548.6 million, the new BRT station will cover 24,316 square meters. Upon its completion, there will be 66 bus parking spaces in the station. In addition, there will also be 210 underground car parking spaces. Aiming to provide easy access to public transportation for urban residents, the Xiamen Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) was opened on August 31, 2008. As the first elevated BRT