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Xiamen is the 2nd worst city nationwide to catch a taxi

  Didi Taxi’s latest report about smart travel in China pointed to Chongqing as the number-one most difficult place to get a taxi, followed by Xiamen, Shanghai, Changsha and Foshan.   Beijing took the 10th place in the ranking.   Notable facts about Xiamen taxis: Total number of taxis: About 5,500   Total number of taxi drivers: More than12,400, and 641 of them female   Total number of taxi companies: 14, with 9 on Xiamen Island and 5 in its outlying districts   Recently, many taxi drivers have

Flag-down price of Xiamen taxi to be increased to 10 RMB starting from Oct 10

The starting price for taxi rides in Xiamen will be increased from the current 8 RMB to 10 RMB for the first 3 kilometers     A new fare standard for Xiamen taxis was announced recently, in which three main adjustments were released as follows: 1. Flag-down Price    The starting price for taxi rides in Xiamen will be increased from the current 8 RMB to 10 RMB for the first 3 kilometers. 2. Fuel Surcharge   The fuel surcharge will be canceled. 3. Waiting Times for the First Five Minutes   Presently, waiting time for the first five

New taxis in Xiamen to show operating status with top lights

The new taxis will use LED top lights to display information on operating status, such as "空车(Available)," "回场 (Returning to dispatch)," "暂停 (Out-of-service)," and the like.      Xiamen will launch 425 new taxis to replace its older, gas-guzzling models this week. These taxis will use LED top lights to display information on operating status, such as "空车(Available)," "回场 (Returning to dispatch)," "暂停 (Out-of-service)," and the like.

Proposal to adjust Xiamen taxi fares announced

    The Price Control Administration of Xiamen recently announced two taxi fare adjustment proposals that were discussed at a recent hearing.   The first proposal is to adjust the starting price of taxi rides to 9 yuan within 3 km. The waiting time for the first five minutes will be charged at a rate of 0.5 yuan per 75 seconds.   Waiting time refers to time spent waiting for traffic lights or when car speed falls below 12 km per hour. Presently, the waiting time for the first five minutes is free. The proposal also hopes to establish a new linkage mechanism

17 on-call taxies offer free Xiamen tour to handicapped

    More than 40 disabled people enjoyed a free ride from Xiamen University to the Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park, taking 17 on-call taxies on July 1. Initiated by the Xiamen Disabled Federation and organized by the Xiamen Disabled People Association, the free rides were provided by 17 Party member drivers from the Xiamen Haiyi Taxi Company. In the past, it has been inconvenient for handicapped people to take buses or taxis. As a result, many of them tended to leave home infrequently. But as on-call taxis have become more accessible in the city, it has become easier for

Private cars in Xiamen banned from offering illegal pick-up service

More than 20 cases involving the special pick-up service (or '专车' in Chinese) by private car owners have occurred in Xiamen this year, in which the private car owners found their passengers via popular cab-hailing apps.     Xiamen launched a 100-day crackdown on the illegal operation of pick-up service by private cars in the city on June 1st. 1,107 vehicles were caught illegally being operated for pick-up service in Xiamen last year, and 751 vehicles were caught from January to May this year. The relevant law enforcement departments will enhance

Xiamen to replace 425 old taxis by the end of August this year

As of April 1st this year, Xiamen has 5,362 taxis, with 60 pure electrical taxis, 5,255 dual-fuel taxis powered by CNG and gasoline, 30 dual-fuel taxis powered by LPG and gasoline and 17 gasoline-powered taxis.    Of all the taxis, 425 of them will be replaced with new ones by the end of August.    The old taxis were put into operation in 2009, and their operational period will expire this year.    The taxi rental company, Haixia, will have 278 old taxis replaced, followed by Yinghua with 62, Jiyuan with 54, Kunchi with 18 and Lianyi with

Taxi fuel surcharge to raise RMB 1 in Xiamen starting May 22

    From May 12, the average retail price of No. 0 diesel, No.93 gasoline, and No.97 gasoline in Xiamen reached RMB6.15 per liter, RMB6.51 per liter, and RMB6.95 per liter, respectively, after a recent increase in gasoline and diesel prices nationwide. It is the fifth time that China’s oil prices been increased this year. As Xiamen’s adjustment threshold for the taxi fuel surcharge is 1 yuan when the price of No. 93 gasoline is above RMB 5.45 per liter and lasts for more than 10 days, and 2 yuan when the price of No. 93 gasoline is above RMB 6.45 per liter and

Wechat platform to be created for tele-call taxi service in Xiamen

On November 16th last year, a launch ceremony for 50 golden Geely-made TX4 taxis, the first of their kind in Xiamen, was held in Bailuzhou Park    The BYD e6 pure electric vehicles were added for the tele-call taxi service in the city this February      The first batch of 200 new taxis exclusively for tele-call service have hit the road in Xiamen, handling 3,000 orders daily, and their operating company is developing a Wechat platform to provide convenient access for residents.    The new taxis include the stylish Geely-made TX4

29 illegal taxi behavior cases reported in Xiamen in February

On March 25, Xiamen’s Transportation Department published a report on illegal behaviors and operations of taxis in the city in February. According to the report, a total of 29 illegal behaviors occurred among taxi drivers in Xiamen in February, up 1 case month on month. Among which, refusing taking passengers accounted for the largest share, with 10 cases, and improper use of taxi meters ranked 2nd with 9 cases, and detouring ranked 3rd with 7 cases. As for the taxi companies, the Kunchi Taxi Company was deducted 147 points, the most in February; the Lianyi Taxi Company had

Taxi fuel surcharge to drop RMB 1 in Xiamen starting January 6, 2015

    On December 26, the National Development and Reform Commission declared a lowering of gasoline and diesel prices in China starting at midnight of December 27. Gasoline and diesel prices were reduced by RMB 520 and RMB 500 per ton, respectively, after the adjustment. Thus, the average retail prices of No.90 gasoline and No.0 diesel were reduced by RMB 0.39 and RMB 0.43 per liter, respectively. After the adjustment, the price of No. 93 gasoline, No. 97 gasoline, and No. 0 diesel was changed to RMB 6.05, RMB 6.46, and RMB 5.73 per liter in Xiamen, respectively. As

E-Tong Cards can now be used to pay cab fares in 80% of taxis in Xiamen

    E-Tong Card (e通卡), an electronic payment card issued by the Xiamen E-Tong Card Co. Ltd to pay fares for public transportion in Xiamen, can now be used to pay for fares in nearly 80% of the taxis in the city. According to the city's traffic department, all blue taxis (Haixia Taxis, White Crane Friendship Taxis and Shunlian Taxis), all tele-call taxis and Kunchi, Lianyi and Yinghua Taxis allow E-Tong Card holders to tap their cards to pay taxi fares. Currently, the E-Tong Card is widely used in many areas of Xiamen’s public transportation, like the BRT,

Xiamen to launch 60 pure electric taxies for tele-call taxi service in late Dec

    According to reports, the Xiamen government will finish adding 140 golden taxies for tele-call taxi service to the city by the middle of December. Besides, another 60 pure electric taxies for use with the tele-call taxi service are expected to be put into use by the end of December. As the first batch of taxies for tele-call taxi service, a total of 50 taxies were put into service by the Xiamen government in the middle of November, and have drawn a lot of attention in the city. According to staff of the Haiyi Taxi Company, anther 30 tele-call taxies have arrived in Xiamen and

Xiamen expected to see taxi fuel surcharge drop again

According to price predictors, the price of refined oil will likely experience another adjustment this Friday, and the price for refined oil is expected to be reduced by RMB 150- RMB 170 per ton. The consistent improvement of America’s economy and the interest-reduction policy launched by the Chinese government are the main reasons for the price reduction, according to an analyst. Up to November 15, the price of refined oil had been reduced 8 times in 2014, with the price of gasoline and diesel prices being reduced from the original RMB 245 and RMB 235 per ton and RMB 190 to RMB

New batch of taxis for tele-call service to be put into use this month

Passengers in Xiamen can call 968890 for the service.     The first batch of 50 Geely-made TX4 taxis were put into service in Xiamen on November 16th, and the second batch are expected to hit the road by the end of this November, according to taihainet.com.    Data shows that the operating center has received about 3,000 calls for the service daily, and the success rate of the service has reached 96%.    To improve the success rate, another 40 seats for answering calls will be added to the current 24. Meanwhile, 38 designated parking venues