Xiamen University

China maintains 'balanced' male to female ratio in university admission

An education official said on Wednesday that China maintained a balanced male to female ratio in university admissions, following media reports of gender discrimination. The ratio of female applications and admissions stood at 50.3 percent and 51.9 percent respectively in the 2013 college entrance exam, according to an official from the Ministry of Education. On Sept. 1, five women wrote a letter of complaint to the ministry, stating that female candidates were discriminated against in admissions to 11 prestigious universities and alleging breaches to ministry

Hunan Women's College under fire over 'conservative' dress code

Last Friday was a sweltering one in Changsha, Hunan Province. However, most students at Hunan Women's College wore long pants instead of light summer dresses. This was not because they didn't want to wear cooler clothes, but because their college prohibited them from doing so. According to a student who didn't want her name released, on September 10 the college announced a new dress code banning students from appearing in public places wearing sandals, and shorts or skirts that come above the knee. Students who break the rules and refuse to change their clothes will have their

Xiamen criticized for gender discrimination in civil service exam

An NGO leader criticized Xiamen Administration of Civil Service on Wednesday for discriminating against applicants based on gender in the city's civil service exam, according to Legal Daily. Guo Bin, director of Shenzhen-based Equity and Justice Initiative, a non-profit organization specializing in eliminating discrimination, wrote a letter to Fujian Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, urging the authorities to revise the discriminatory requirements. Of the 160 posts announced by Xiamen Administration of Civil Service, more than 30