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Blackberry unveils Z10 smartphone to rival iPhone and Galaxy

Blackberry has unveiled its first entirely touchscreen smartphone, in a desperate attempt to rival the iPhone and revive its flagging sales.    The company, once the brand of choice for business customers, has struggled in recent years to compete against Apple and other rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy.    Its market share has dropped dramatically from 41 per cent in 2007, the year the iPhone was launched, to just 4 per cent in the first quarter of last year.       Spot the difference: The new BlackBerry Z10 (left) and Apple's

Galaxy S3 beats iPhone as world's best selling smartphone in Q3

Samsung's Galaxy S3 has become the world's best-selling smartphone model for the last quarter, pushing aside Apple iPhone.    Apple has dominated the chart for more than two years, research firm Strategy Analytics said.    It claims Samsung sold 18 million S3 models in the third quarter, compared with iPhone 4S sales of 16.2 million.    The Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone which became the world's best-selling smartphone model last quarter    Strong sales of the flagship Galaxy S3 - which comes with a large 4.8 inch

Chinesee teen sells kidney to buy iPhone & iPad

Five people in south China face charges of illegal trading of a kidney from a teenager who bought an iPhone and an iPad with the earnings, local authorities said Friday. The five, including a surgeon, were charged with intentional injury, the people's procuratorate in Chenzhou city in Hunan province said in a statement. Defendant He Wei, who was penniless and frustrated over gambling debts, sought to make enormous earnings through illegal kidney trading, according to the agency. He asked Yin Shen to look for donors through online chat rooms and Tang Shimin to lease an

Videos of XMU student playing stone skimming with iPhone stir debate

Video shows that "Shuipiaoge"put iPhone under the car tires.   Videos of "Shuipiaoge" who throws his iPhone into lake in Xiamen University    Video clips of a college student who plays stone skimming with his iPhone in Furong Lake of Xiamen University has gone viral on the internet recently, reports Xiamen Daily.   The "Shuipiaoge" or “水漂哥" in Chinese, a senior student surnamed Wei from Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College, who is on his

Man in Xiamen spends RMB 500 to buy an iPhone, turns out to be model

Xiamen resident Mr. Gu spent 500 yuan to buy an iPhone from a roadside vendor, but the iPhone turned out to be a model, reports Xiamen Economic Daily.          "I was walking on Xinfeng Road when I saw a man selling cell phones on the roadside. I was in need of a new cell phone, so I went up to the man and asked about one. The man showed me an iPhone and said it cost only 500 yuan. Moved by the price, I bought the iPhone from the man." said Gu     "I was excited and happy until I tried to start the iPhone and found it's a

'Let's talk iPhone': Apple confirms to launch new iPhone on Oct.4

Apple has made the launch date of iPhone official - at last. But the company hasn't said what new models, if any, it will be launching, instead inviting journalists to a 'Special Event', with the cryptic invitation 'Let's Talk iPhone'.        The company remained typically tight-lipped about what the 'event' might launch - but it seems set to be epic. For the first time, the event is being held at the company's Cupertino HQ - at the famous address, 1, Infinite Loop, a geeky programming joke. Few outsiders ever visit the complex - so even seeing the
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27k S. Koreans sue Apple for $26m over iPhone privacy violations

NEARLY 27,000 South Koreans are suing Apple for $US26 million ($24.9 million) for what they claim are privacy violations from the collection of iPhone user location information. Each person in the suit is seeking one million won ($892) in damages, said Kim Hyeong-seok, one of their lawyers. He said they are targeting Apple Inc and its South Korean unit to "protect privacy" rights. Apple spokesman Steve Park in Seoul declined to comment. Apple has faced complaints and criticisms since it said in April that its iPhones were storing locations of nearby mobile phone

Android phones could be banned in US as Apple wins patent suit

It’s a controversial court ruling in favour of Apple that could ultimately even lead to the ban of all Google Android phones and tablets in the U.S. Apple has won a preliminary ruling from a U.S. trade panel that Taiwanese handset maker HTC infringed on two of its patents. HTC uses Google's Android operating system for its smartphones and the case is being closely watched by the mobile devices market.     Court battle: Apple, manufacturer of the iPhone 4, left, has won a preliminary ruling that HTC, which produces the Evo 4G, right, infringed on two of its

SceneTap app lets you check how many men & women are at bar

Want to get lucky at a bar? There's an app for that. A software company has developed an app which lets you check how many men and women are at a bar before you go there. The start-up has installed facial recognition software at the entrances to bars and clubs and keeps a real-time count on the number of men and women there.   Improve the odds: The SceneTap app lets users check how many men and women are at a bar before they go there   The hope is that men who want to meet a girl will be able to avoid watering holes stuffed with guys watching football. Women too will

Apple to block iPhone users from filming live events with phone

The days of filming a live concert or sporting event on your iPhone may soon be a distant memory. Apple is developing software that will sense when a smartphone user is trying to record a live event, and then switch off the device's camera. Anybody holding up their iPhone will find it triggers infra-red sensors installed at the venue.   On the way out? Apple is developing software that will sense when an iPhone user is recording a live event, and then switch off the device's camera These sensors would then automatically instruct the iPhone to shut down its camera

Fury over illegal organ deals ignited after teen sells kidney to buy iPad

  "Xiao Zheng," a 17-year-old technophile, sold one of his kidneys for 22,000 yuan (3,300 US dollars) through an underground dealer to buy iPad 2.   Steve Jobs, the American IT icon who founded Apple Inc and gave the world its iPads and iPhones, probably never imagined that a young man in China would sell one of his own kidneys in order to buy an iPad 2. "Xiao Zheng," a 17-year-old technophile, sold one of his kidneys for 22,000 yuan (3,300 US dollars) through an underground dealer. He used the money to buy an iPad 2 and a laptop computer. Earlier

Chinese student, 17, sells his kidney for RMB22,000 to buy iPad 2

Gadget crazy: Xiao Zheng, 17, sold his kidney for an iPad2   A teenager in China has caused an outcry after selling his kidney to buy an iPad2.   Xiao Zheng, 17, could not afford one of the new tablet-style computers that are seen as symbols of wealth in China.   But he answered an advert offering cash to healthy people willing to have one of their kidneys removed in a gruelling operation.   His action horrified his mother and has caused outrage in China.   The teenager told Shenzhen TV in the southern province of Guangdong: "I

iPhone app uses camera lens as backdrop in Star Wars game

It is the dream app for anyone still harbouring unfulfilled fantasies of being Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.   A new game for iPhone lets users take the controls of the Millennium Falcon and battle enemy spaceships using the phone's built-in camera to create the backdrop.   Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner uses the smartphone's camera so that whatever appears in its lens becomes the background to your battle against Imperial TIE-Fighters.   Scroll down to a see a video of the game in action    The new app uses whatever the camera is

Apple launches online store to sell iPhone, iPad & iPod in China

Consumers purchasing iPads at an Apple store in Beijing on Sept 17, at the official Chinese launch of the popular tablet computer.   Apple Inc yesterday launched an online store on the Chinese mainland to sell iPhone, iPad and iPod products on the Internet in the latest move by the United States-based firm to penetrate the domestic market, following the opening of three new Apple Stores on the mainland this year.   Apple also launched a Chinese-language App Store to cater to domestic users of its devices to download localized applications as part of a move to tap into

PlayStation Phone may hit mobile market by February 2011

The Sony PSP   Japanese technology giant Sony Corporation is rumored to possibly launch a PlayStation Phone, according to reports by tech site Engadget, The reports state that this latest phone is likely to bridge the differences between a phone and portable game module. In addition to the report, the website also revealed some alleged leaked photos of what could possibly be the PlayStation Phone that the world has been waiting for.    Engadget reports that the phone is expected to run with the latest Google Android platform, called Gingerbread. In addition to