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China to carry out fitness monitoring on students from 2013

China will carry out fitness monitoring for school children nationwide from 2013 in a bid to boost students' physical health, Minister of Education Yuan Guiren said on Monday. The monitoring will be conducted by a third-party institution and the monitoring result will be released to the students' parents timely, Yuan said at a meeting on addressing the sports work in schools. Sports work concerns children's physical and mental health, and their lifetime happiness, said Yuan. He urged that schools must guarantee the class hours of physical education, and should not occupy

Schools told to promote students' physical education in China

Local governments and schools have been told to promote the health of students and physical education (PE) courses. A circular, published on Monday by the general office of the State Council, or China's Cabinet, requires measures to ensure that primary and middle school students spend one hour each day on schoolyard sports. Time devoted to PE courses and sports should not be reduced or diverted for other use, according to the circular. The State Council has approved a document looking at ways to strengthen PE among students. It was jointly submitted by the Ministry of

Report shows Chinese college students weaker than ever

According to a recent physical fitness research report, Chinese college students are weaker than ever. Why aren't they as physical fit? Experts say that's due to several reasons, such as a dislike of physical exercise and a lack of gyms and sports facilities at universities. Recently, the Ministry of Education has been making efforts to change the situation. At Beijing Jiaotong University, some freshmen are jogging in their physical exercise class. However, only a few minutes later, one of the students Jiang Min lags behind and stops. "When I was running longer, I felt