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Living doll: Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova, 21, morphs her body into Barbie

Internet sensation ... Valeria Lukyanova   Living doll ... Valeria Lukyanova   Porcelain features .... Valeria Lukyanova   Hourglass figure ... Valeria Lukyanova   Real Barbie doll ... plastic figurine bares huge resemblance to Valeria Lukyanova   UKRANIAN model Valeria Lukyanova shows off her doll-like features in her first ever photoshoot. The 21-year-old has morphed her body into her idol Barbie through extreme plastic surgery and make-up. And showing off her super-skinny waist in a

UK living doll Venus Angelic, 15, becomes real-life Barbie

Living Doll: You could be forgiven for thinking Venus is a china doll. The 15-year-old girl chooses to style herself as a 'living doll' and films tutorials on how to achieve her look for her internet channel   Cult following: Her online tutorials showing how to mimic her look have been watched 10 million times across the globe - including by a host of British schoolgirls desperate to imitate her image     Internet sensation: 15-year-old Venus Palermo dresses like a living doll and shares her image tips with her online fans, all with the support of her mother