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Treasure of Chinese traditional artworks - Fuzhou lacquer painting

  NOTE: For best video display, use IE (Internet Explorer).   If you can't watch the video, please download Adobe Flash Player.   In the Fujian Pavilion of 2010 Shanghai World Expo, a pair of 3.6-meter bodiless lacquerware vases attracted many visitors. With a history of 2000 years in China, the widespread lacquer has great varieties. Among them, the bodiless lacquerware born in China's southeastern coastal city Fuzhou in the Qing dynasty, Beijing Cloisonne, and Jingdezhen porcelain are called the “Three Treasures” of Chinese traditional

2010 Shanghai World Expo concludes with 'astounding success'

The closing ceremony of Shanghai World Expo 2010 is held at the Expo Cultural Center in the World Expo Park in Shanghai, east China, Oct. 31, 2010.     Shanghai (Xinhua) - China staged a series of performances, parades and forums here Sunday to celebrate the end of the Shanghai World Expo, which International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE) President Jean-Pierre Lafon called an "astounding success." The first of its kind staged in a developing country, the event attracted 246 participating countries and international organizations and 73 million

Visit '2010 World Expo Garden' in Tong'an Film Studio City

  During this years Mid-autumn Festival and National Day holidays, the public will have a chance to visit popular pavilions from the 2010 Shanghai World Expo in Xiamen.   According to the Tong’an District Government, during the period of Mid-autumn Festival and National Day holidays, the Tong’an District Tourist Bureau and Tong SDIC will build a copycat of the World Expo Garden inside the Tong’an Film Studio City.   Zhang Fuqing,  general manager of the Tong’an Film Studio City, said that they would build some copycats of

Passengers by Fuzhou-Ximen bullet trains hit 4.52 billion in total

The Fuzhou-Xiamen bullet trains have carried 4.52 billion passengers in total since their operation on 26th April.   After only 2400 hours in total of business, carrying 4.52 billion people in total, 45,200 passengers per day - 58,400 at its peak - the high-speed rail running between Fuzhou and Xiamen has broken the record again and again in terms of attendance rates, topping the track within the borders of China. Some statistics released by authorities concerned show that May saw fourteen billion people take the high-speed train to travel and in June,

Man detained for selling 900 fake Expo tickets to tourist agency in Xiamen

POLICE have detained six men suspected of faking 500 Expo tickets. Police raided two manufacturing sites and confiscated 14 fake tickets, films and printing machines in Zhejiang Province. They said the suspects had destroyed the other tickets before they were arrested on June 25. The suspects, surnamed Chen, Zhang and Li, are alleged to have begun making fake tickets and commemorative stamp albums for the Expo in October 2009, police in Shanghai said yesterday. Li was arrested on June 13 in Henan Province. He had found two wholesalers surnamed Song and Long at a stamp

Letter from local resident sparks debates over Fuzhou's livability

Fuzhou, Fujian's capital city, was listed as the most livable city in China on July 4   A letter from a local Fuzhou citizen once again sparked a round of heated debates about Fuzhou and its livability since it was listed as the most livable city in China on July 4. In the letter to the mayor of Fuzhou, Yu Tian expressed his mixed feelings about the award given to Fuzhou and gave a free airing of his personal views about the urban construction. He said he was glad to learn that Fuzhou was selected as the most livable city in China and the heated debates, both in person and on the

Bao Zhengbing, 56, to swim 750-mile from Wuhan to visit Shanghai World Expo

Bao Zhengbing on the bankc of the Yangtze River Photo: AFP/GETTY IMAGES   A 56-year-old Chinese man has embarked on a 750-mile swim down the polluted Yangtze River from his home in Wuhan to visit the World Expo in Shanghai.    Bao Zhengbing, who works for China Telecom, said he had dreamed since childhood of swimming from his home in central China to Shanghai, the Xinmin Evening News reported on its website. "Now at last, I'll swim all the way to Shanghai, to fulfil my own dream and to see the World Expo," Mr Bao was quoted as saying in the Shanghai Daily

920,000 visitors flock to Fujian Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo

  Since opening on May 1, Fujian Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai has received more than 920,000 visitors, averaging about 10,000 a day, making it one of the most popular provincial pavilions at the Expo.   The Fujian Week at the Expo from June 28 to July 2 fascinated the visitors with a vast range of elaborate cultural shows.    SOURCE: Common Talk Weekly   Editorial Message   This site contains materials from other clearly stated media sources for the purpose of discussion stimulation and content enrichment among our

Fuzhou tops 36 Chinese cities in overall environmental livability index

Fuzhou, capital city of Fujian province, evaluated as the most livable city among China's 31 provincial capital cities   The overall environmental livability index of Chinese cities has been rising in recent years, according to the latest evaluation of Chinese cities conducted by the Asian Development Bank. Fuzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing took the top-three spots among the 31 provincial capital cities and 36 cities evaluated, which included cities such as Dalian, Qingdao, Ningbo, Xiamen and Shenzhen. The environmental livable index of cities such as Guangzhou, Wuhan,

Fujian Cultural Week at Shanghai Expo - In Video

NOTE: For best video display, use IE (Internet Explorer).   If you can't watch the video, please download Adobe Flash Player The Cultural Week of Fujian province kicked off at the World Expo on Tuesday. An array of cultural activities including stage performances and exhibitions displaying the beauty of east China's Fujian Province are on hand to meet visitors in an effort to introduce more people to the region.   Over forty performances are tailored for Expo visitors in the coming week. The shows cover a wide range of genres, including song and

Fujian Week at 2010 Shanghai World Expo kicks off

Sun Chunlan, Party secretary of the Fujian provincial committee, announces the opening of Fujian Week at the Expo. Hu Meidong / China Daily   This week, visitors in the Expo Garden will have the chance to experience the original "Min" culture through a variety of activities and performances in Fujian Week.   Located in China's southeastern coast, Fujian province is called "Min" for short, after the Minyue ethnic group who lived there in ancient times.   Now the boat-shaped Fujian Pavilion in the Expo Garden is bringing the

56yo Wuhan man Bao Zhengbin to swim 1,200km to Shanghai Expo in 35 days

  A Chinese man is to swim 35 days in the Changjiang River for a total distance of 1200 km to Shanghai, to visit the World Expo.   Bao Zhengbin, 56, of Wuhan, eastern China’s Hubei province, is to start his journey from July 7, 2010.   “I have had this idea for 44 years.” Jiang said he started to have the idea of swimming to Shanghai when he was 12. “My parents and I took the ship to Shanghai, and the scenery along the water way touched me a great deal, and I thought that one day I’ll swim to Shanghai.”   It is a good time to go

Fujian's popular tourist spots stand out at Shanghai World Expo

Mazu culture shines at Expo   Statue of Mazu, Putian, Fujian   Mazu culture has become the top attraction of the Fujian Pavilion at the ongoing Shanghai World Expo.   The worship of Mazu, the goddess of the sea in the south-eastern coastal areas of China and neighboring areas in Southeast Asia, has drawn a number of visitors at the Expo to the nearby Fujian province, especially to the city of Putian, the hometown of Mazu.   Putian authorities have promoted a number of tourist and cultural attractions at the expo, including Meizhou Island, the Putian

Shanghai issues new expo passports to facilitate visitors & pavilion staffers

A staffer at an officially licensed Expo store inside the Expo Park  displays the new (L) and old (R) Expo passports Monday.   With a new model of the Expo passport hitting store shelves inside the Expo Park Tuesday, visitors rushed to buy whatever remaining copies of the original souvenir they could get their hands on Monday. "It's now become a limited edition," Hou Tanghua, a visitor from Chongqing, told the Global Times Monday. "When something is rare, it becomes even more precious." To all appearances that first meet the eye, the

Xiamen among China's top 10 popular tourist cities during Duanwu Festival

The ferry to Gulangyu Island. Xiamen ranks the 6th among China's top 10 hottest tourist destinations during the 3-day Dragon Boat or Duanwu Festival holiday.   Statistics released by a famous Chinese travel agency show that, Xiamen ranks the 6th among China’s top 10 hottest tourist destinations during the past 3-day Dragon Boat or Duanwu Festival holiday, reports jschina.com.cn.   Compared with last year, fewer residents make travel plans due to the torrential rain that hit South China. Fortunately, Shanghai World Expo has boosted the tourism industry