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China's middle class increasingly choosing Australian high schools

New Australian data shows China' s rising middle class is increasingly sending their children to Australian high schools. Data from the Department of Education and Training on Tuesday showed secondary school enrollments of Chinese teenagers in 2014 rose by almost 20 percent on the previous year's figures. Almost 4,300 new enrollments took the total number of enrolled Chinese students at public and private high schools to 8,386 last year, up from 7,447 in 2013. Australia is an education destination for many Chinese, with Chinese citizens making up 26 percent of all

459,800 Chinese left China to study abroad in 2014

    A total of 459,800 Chinese left China to study abroad in 2014, the Ministry of Education said on Thursday. Among those departing for overseas study last year, 21,300 were sponsored with public funds, 15,500 with funding by their employers, and the other 423,000 at their own expense, the ministry said. Over 360,000 students returned home from abroad in 2014.@ Compared with the figures for 2013, the number of students studying abroad and returning home increased by 11.1 percent and 3.2 percent respectively. From 1978, when China started its opening-up

Overseas education, a high-risk investment for Chinese parents

Over the last few years, more and more of China's parents have poured most of their savings into sending their children to study abroad in hopes of securing a brighter future for them, prompting experts to caution against blindly making such a huge investment. The number of students in Chongqing Municipality today who hope to study abroad increased 20 percent since last year, and most of these students currently attend junior high and high school, according to a report issued by the EIC Group, a Beijing-based education agency. About 52 percent of the families in the city who are

US overtakes Australia as top choice for overseas study in Xiamen

  The United States has overtaken Australia as the top destination for study overseas among Xiamen students, according to a recent report published by EIC (Education International Cooperation Group), a leading overseas institution in China.   The report points out that the preferred education destination has changed from Australia to the U.S., while in the past, Australia has been the first choice for overseas study in Xiamen and south Fujian regions, the report said.   400 students in Xiamen who have a clear intention to study abroad participated