Strange lights spotted floating above Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano

Updated: 2015-10-08
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Volcanoes have been a favourite site for alien hunters over the years. Now a strange series of lights (pictured) above the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico has got conspiracy theorists excited once again. The sightings, they say, suggest aliens are studying Earth's geothermal activity to understand how it works
Volcanoes have been a favourite site for alien hunters over the years. 
Now a strange series of lights above the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico have got conspiracy theorists excited once again. 
The sightings, they say, suggest aliens are studying Earth's geothermal activity so that they can understand how it works.

Unusual circular orbs and a long cigar-shaped anomaly were spotted on the cameras of Webcams Mexico above the Popocatepetl volcano, according to a report in The Express. 
The lights appeared at the same time as the 18,000ft volcano released four explosions which released gas vapour.

Webcams Mexico recently uploaded the video which has become popular on social media and UFO forums. 
Sceptics claim the bright lights are probably volcanic material being ejected from the volcano or an atmospheric phenomenon. 
In a more radical theory, some scientists say the material from which these UFOs are formed could trigger hallucinations, which may explain the bizarre first hand accounts of alien sightings.

'There is a combination of geophysical and geopsychological factors at work that can produce UFOs,' Nigel Watson, author of 'UFOs of the First World War', told 
'In this case it might be that the proximity of fault lines volcanic activity on a fault line in the Earth's crust has helped produce a UFO composed of plasma that glows at night and appears metallic or black in daylight. 
'These type of UFOs cast out electromagnetic (EM) fields that can initiate poltergeist-like events (such as objects being thrown about) and they can even react to witnesses as if acting in an intelligent or playful manner.' 
Michael Persinger, a cognitive neuroscience researcher, has experimented with the possibility that UFO EM fields can trigger hallucinations or trance states in people who get to near to them. 
This would explain the many stories of 'alien' abductions and other strange encounters that are experienced after a witness has seen a light in the sky, added Watson.
'The UFO probably isn't an intergalactic starship, but could well be a rare atmospheric phenomenon captured on film,' he said. 
UFO hunter Paul Seaburn told The Express: 'Sightings of UFOs around volcanic eruptions and earthquakes is a common occurrence. 
'Why do we see so many UFOs near volcanoes, earthquakes and nuclear power plants? Are we being watched? Controlled? Cared for? Warned?' 
This isn't the first time alien hunters believe they have seen ET visiting volcanoes in Mexico. 
In January, a UFO that resembled a flying horse was spotted close to one of Mexico's most active volcanoes. 
The dark object appeared to have two legs and was seen hovering into view out of nowhere as volcano Colima, 300 miles west of Mexico City, spewed out smoke. 
Captured on webcam after Colima erupted, the enigmatic 'equine' vanished moments later. 
Witness Loyola Quintanilla Rosas, 24, said: 'When I first saw it, I thought it looked like a horse.

'It had a very large body and seemed to be an animal. It had a thin top, a bulging middle and two extremities at the bottom. 
'But the legs weren't moving so it clearly wasn't a modern-day Pegasus.' 
In 2012, a 'cigar-shaped' object was filmed flying inside Popocatepetl volcano in central Mexico by a television camera crew. 
And last November, a 'blurry, white object' was caught on camera flying around the same volcano. 
Alien enthusiast Eufrasio Gonzales Carrasco, 35, said: 'There has been a fair bit of activity around these volcanoes and this latest sighting just adds to the mystery. 
'There must be something about volcanoes that draws extra-terrestrials to them. Perhaps they are collecting samples from our planet to take back home.'

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