Xiamen BRT starts trial operation of 'board front door & exit by rear door'

Updated: 2010-03-12
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BRT has become the first choice for public transport in Xiamen
Starting Friday (March 12), passengers taking Xiamen BRT buses will be required to enter through the front door, and exit from the back door, in an effort to ease overcrowding especially during rush hours, according to the Xiamen BRT operation company.
At present, passengers can get on the BRT bus from either the front door or back door. While it may enhance the efficiency of getting on and off, sometimes many passengers are not willing to move to the middle of the bus.
According to a simulation test though this new measure will require an extra 30 seconds for BRT busses to stop at each BRT station, but can effectively regulate travel order and ease the overcrowding during rush hours.
During the trial period, a suggestion box will be placed at each BRT station to collect feedback from citizens.
The final design will be made based on the test results and public opinions and suggestions.  


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