Xiamen-Shanghai bullet trains start with a big success, but future uncertain

Updated: 2010-04-28
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The rail route of the bullet trains that link Shanghai and Xiamen.
Tickets for bullet trains linking Shanghai and Xiamen, a line that was just put into use Monday, are selling out ahead of the May Day holiday, according to the Shanghai Railway Bureau.

"This will bring more convenience to travelers going between the two major tourist destinations," said an official with the bureau surnamed Tao Monday. Tao added that the trains will help more tourists from the south to visit the upcoming World Expo.

Taihainet, a famous news portal, reported on Friday that all available tickets sold out in the first hour as Xiamen residents grabbed tickets for the train's first day of operation.

According to the Shanghai Railway Station Monday, there are no economy-class tickets left from Xiamen or Shanghai on May 1, and tickets from April 29 to May 1 are selling extremely well.

Previously there was only one train with a passenger capacity of 1,000 running between the two terminals, around 1,300 kilometers long, and with the addition of a second, the line can carry roughly 3,500 travelers a day.

The duration of the voyage has been reduced to around 8 hours, a far cry from the previous 22 hours.

Penny-pinching May Day travelers may be using the new bullet train to sa