Garment retail haven in shopping Mecca of Shishi City

Updated: 2010-07-03
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Shishi (石狮), a comprehensive experimental test zone of Fujian Province, is prominently located in the Golden Triangle of Southern Fujian Province, just between the historical city of Quanzhou and Xiamen Special Economic Zone.
As a well-known garment city in China, Shishi enjoys the fame of China's Famous City of Casual Wear and Fabrics China Casual Wear Trend Release Platform. The city is keen to become a world-class leisure garment centre.
Since 1980, Shishi has developed a chain of industries that encompasses textile, man-made fiber, fabrics, accessories, dyeing and finishing, production of auxiliary materials and marketing, with garment processing at the core. Experiencing 30 years of innovation and development, the casual wear fabrics manufactured in Shishi have already ranked top among other producers around China.
Shishi also boasts a flourishing clothing market, which serves the whole country. Today, the city has already become the most renowned distribution centre for clothing and raw materials along the southeastern coast in mainland China.
The city produces a wide range of casual wear under thousands of registered trademarks, including Septwolves, Fuguiniao, Gemzboh, Yepao, Seven, K-Boxing, Edenbo, Pin, Hadley, Joe One and Weles.
Shishi Garment Centre in Fujian, China
As many as 18 streets are taken up by the wholesalers, primarily garment traders, with over 6,000 clothing shops doing business there. Apart from these, eight other wholesale markets are available for different types of garments, including casual wear, children's wear and sportswear. The city has become a shopping Mecca of clothes in Fujian and lured numerous domestic and international visitors every year.
The nationally-renowned Yuanyangchi Fabrics Market (鸳鸯池布料市场), the up-and-coming Yatai Textile and Fabrics Market, as well as the Nanyang Fabrics Street (南洋路服装城) have each become booming trade centre for fabric suppliers from Southeast Asia and various parts of China.
How to get there:
1). Self-driving: Start from Xiamen along Quanxia Expressway (Quanzhou-Xiamen Expressway), turn to 308 Provincial Road at Jinjiang Exit (泉厦高速路晋江出口处) to Shishi.
2). Take a bullet train: Start from Xiamen Railway Station to Jinjiang Stop, take a taxi there.
3). Take a long-distance bus: Start from Wucun Long-distance Bus Station to Shishi Long-distance Bus Station, take a taxi there.
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4). Use a travel agent:
Renting a van packaged with driver is the next best alternative. Call Apple Travel to organize a trip there. If you've a small group, the ideal number in the group is 5 or 6.
For more information about scenic spots in Shishi City, please follow the link below: 

Shishi, a city gifted with great coast lines and Minnan temples
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