Fujian Travel: - From Ningde City to Taimu Mountains

Updated: 2007-10-23
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If you are going to see all the scenic places in the area, Visiting Taimu Mountain scenic area requires a whole day. In fact, you may need a few days here if you are going to participate in tourist activities and see the great sceneries. Either rafting, or simply climbing the steepest steps until you reach the peaks, or explore the numerous caves, you need easy time and intense energy.






Resting in a good hotel and having a cold shower in Summer or hot bath in Winter after all the outdoors is certainly going to make you feel afresh, and ready to tuck in at a big dinner some where in Ningde food streets. Hence, it is good to use the city as a base for the surrounding sceneries, it makes Ningde a very good hub to plan your trips .


Staying at the four star hotel in Ningde City is an inexpensive experience and value for money. With all you can eat breakfast in 4 stars environment, staying in the hotel is already a good treat and rest, before you venture out again and again to the surrounding tourist areas. Considering the eco-nature of the tourist’s spots, you would expect lots of walking, climbing, rowing and trekking.





Taimu Mountains is located east of Ningde City. It is easily reachable by high speed Federal highways from Ningde City. It takes less than 1 hour from the city and the scenic spot is located few kilometers off the highway.


The Taimu Mountains, also known as "Fairyland on the Sea", is located within the boundaries between Zhejiang Province and Qingyu Town of Fuding City of Fujian Province, 80 kilometers away from Ninde City Center.


As one of the top state-level scenic spots, it has roughly 100 square kilometers' area for sightseeing, while the protected area is 200 square kilometers. The Taimu Mountains is a beautiful mountain resort with the characteristics of granite peaks and caves, which is famous for its natural wonders such as perilous peaks, misty fogs, peculiar stones and ancient temples and limestone carves.







The area within the Taimu Mountains, It is divided into five tourist areas, namely the Taimu Mountain Ranges, the Nine-carp Stream, Qinchuan Seashore, the Fuyao islets and Sanyuan Lake. The two scenic spots within the tourist areas are the Unfrequented City and the Ancient Castle, The Ruiyun Temple.

Because of the granite formations, it has all kinds of natural rocky scenes, which is estimated to be about 360 different spots. Over thousand of years, many folk stories emerged and giving rise to many figurative names of these special rocks. Among them, some are like human shapes such as " Husband and Wife Peak", "the Peak Like Two Monks Talking About Buddhism", "the peak like two monks playing chess", "A Rock like Mile Buddha with bare belly", " A Rock like Sami Buddha bowing down to the moon", "Luohan Buddha Rock", "Bajie Buddha Rock"; Some are like animals such as "Nine-Carp Peak", " Tortoise Climbing Up the Walls" etc.;  











Others are mysterious like "Flying Rock". "Watching the Immortals On the Bridge", "the rock along which the Taimu Goddess rose to the heaven, etc. There is a saying by predecessors: "There are no ordinary rocks in the Taimu Mountains. Each one is natural and unique. Different people have different understanding of it, especially the Peak of Nine Carps, and the Peak like Two Monks Talking about Buddhism are magnificent and grand.

The Taimu Mountains has over 100 caves with different shapes. It will take 28 days to visit all caves. Some caves will need one day to go in and out. These caves have their own characteristics, especially "the Cave of a Gleam of Sky ", "Seven-star Cave", " the Eighteenth Cave of the General".



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