Xiamen to resume bus air-conditioning services June 1 - Sept 30

Updated: 2011-05-13
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On May 11, some Xiamen buses such as No.105 and No.36 and BRT buses resumed air-conditioning services ahead of schedule due to the high temperatures in recent days.
Normally, the air-conditioning services in Xiamen public buses lasts from the first day of June till the last day of September every year, and the air-conditioning service is free.
According to Xiamen Bus Group, the beginning time of resuming air-conditioning services this year remains the same as before. However, due to hot weather in recent days, some bus drivers turn on their air-conditioners in advance so that buses can provide passengers with a cool and comfortable environment. The Bus Group totally agrees with drivers' 'individual decision'.
At present, there are over 3,200 buses in Xiamen, among which 95% are equipped with air-conditioners. It is estimated that another 500 buses will be added in the second half of this year.
In fact, when to offer air-conditioning services has long been controversial in Xiamen. Based on a series of public survey and discussion, the Bus Group finally set the time when to offer air-conditioning services.
An industry insider said that advanced air-conditioning services benefit from he new policy implemented in 2009, which rules that no air-conditioner fee should be charged after August 1st, 2009.
In awake of the policy, whether offering air-conditioning services or not will not influence bus drivers and passengers. Considering weather condition and passengers' requirements, drivers can turn on the air-conditioner. This kind of example had been set last year, the insider added.  
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