High-speed railway linking Xiamen & Longyan starts operation on June 29

Updated: 2012-06-30
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Longyan-Xiamen Railway
Longyan-Xiamen Railway has been opened to traffic starting from 29th June, 2012.
The long-awaited Longyan-Xiamen Railway starts operation today, 1 day ahead of schedule, reports Xiamen Economic Daily.

The line has a total length of 171 kilometres with 6 stops: Xiamen Railway Station/ Xiamen North Station, Jiaomei Station, Zhangzhou Station, Nanjing Station, Longshanzhen Station and Longyan Station.

Tickets for Longyan-Xiamen bullet trains can be purchased or booked online via (Chinese version only) as well as at ticket booths in Xiamen Railway Station.

According to the Nanchang Railways Bureau, there are two kinds of seat for the bullet trains; first-class and second-class. The prices vary as follows:
- Xiamen (Xiamen Railway Station)-Longyan: RMB60 for first-class seat and RMB49 for second-class seat
- Xiamen Bei (Xiamen North Station)-Longyan: RMB55 for first-class seat and RMB46 for second-class seat

The opening of the Longyan-Xiamen Railway may cause the highway bus industry to cut their ticket prices to compete.

According to the current timetable, the first bullet train heading for Longyan will depart from Xiamen Railway Station at 7:10 and arrive in Longyan Station at 8:39. The travel time from Xiamen to Longyan by train will be shortened to 90 minutes from the previous 4 hours.

However because of Chinas brand-new train timetable that will be implemented from 1st July, the schedule is liable to change. Please check for the latest schedule at the railway station.

Apart from train tickets, please note Chinese residents (including those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) are required to present their ID cards and expats are required to present passports when boarding the train.
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