Take buses to Xiamen's neighboring cities in Wucun Long-distance Bus Station

Updated: 2013-05-22
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Wucun Bus Station Wucun Bus Station
The Wucun Long-distance Bus Station
Opposite the Xiamen Railway Station, the Wucun Long-distance Bus Station, which has frequent coaches to other cities in Fujian, including Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Shishi, Nan’an, and Yongchun, is a good alternative transportation choice for people to explore Xiamen’s neighboring cities.
Wucun bus station
The second floor of the Wucun Long-distance Bus Station
After renovation in 2009, the station has two floors with a building area of 87,810 square meters. It has 14 ticket windows. Passengers can buy tickets and wait for the bus on the second floor, and board on the bus on the first floor.
Wucun bus station
Buses running between Xiamen Island and its outlying districts are available at the underground parking lot
Apart from buses running to neighboring cities, the bus routes linking Xiamen Island and its outlying districts, including Dadeng Island in Xiang’an District, Tong’an Film Studio City, Xindian in Xiang’an, Maxiang in Xiang’an, Songyu in Haicang and Xiamen North Station in Jimei, are also available at cost of RMB 2 per trip.
Schedule of Wucun Long-distance Bus Station
Consulting hotline: 0592-3655505
Departure time
Zhangzhou area
6:30-21:00; a bus every 20 mins
7:05-21:05; a bus every 40 mins
7:30-19:30; a bus every an hour
Quanzhou area
6:20-21:30; a bus every 15 mins
6:30-20:30; a bus every 40 mins
6:20-21:10; a bus every 20 mins
6:30; 9:30; 12:30; 15:30; 18:30
6:40-19:30; a bus every 20 mins
6:30-20:00; a bus every 30 mins
6:30-20:00; a bus every 20-30 mins
6:20; 8:30; 11:00; 11:35; 14:05; 16:00; 18:30
7:30; 8:10; 9:30; 10:00; 10:30; 13:05; 14:40; 15:05; 17:00; 17:30; 18:00
★ Xiamen- Zhangzhou Southeast Flower Paradise Direct Bus (RMB 110 per person for a round-trip ticket)
Minnan express
From March 23, 2013, tourists in Xiamen can board a bus that runs directly from Xiamen Wucun Long-distance Bus Station (opposite Xiamen Railway Station) to Zhangzhou Southeast Flower Paradise (Southeast Flower Expo Garden).
The bus is set to depart every Saturday at 8:45am, and will return to Xiamen at 3pm on the same day. Round-trip ticket costs 110 RMB per person. The elderly above 70 years old and children under 1.2 meters tall can enjoy free entry.
As a national AAAA scenic spot, the Zhangzhou Southeast Flower Paradise is the venue for the Cross-Strait Modern Agricultural Fair & Cross-Strait Flower Expo. It is an ecological tourism base which integrates flower trading with shopping, recreation, sightseeing, outdoor exercise and training, and can boast being the largest modern ecological agriculture park and flower producer in Fujian Province.
★ Main supporting facility for the bus station: Wucun Underground Commercial Street
zhongmin baihui zhongmin baihui
Wucun Underground Commercial Street, the largest of its kind in Fujian province, opened its doors on Monday (April 26, 2010).
The underground shopping area, which is under Xiahe Road, is located between the Xiamen Railway Station and Wucun Long-distance Bus Station, connecting the World Trade Mall in the west and Yinhe Building in the east. The underground commercial street links shopping malls on both sides of Xiahe Road, making it another commercial hub besides Zhongshan Pedestrian Street in Xiamen.
Covering an area of over 30,000 square meters, the underground commercial street has various offerings including a 5,000-square-meter supermarket, 158 shopping counters, cafés and drink & beverage stations.
There are 12 entrances leading to the 412-meter-long underground street, including 2 at the Railway Station Square, 5 in the Wucun Long-distance Bus Station, and 5 each in Southeast Aisa Hotel, Yinhe Building, Huaxia Hotel, Huaxing Building and Robinson Galleria.
Wucun Long-Distance Bus Station
Add: 931 Xiahe Lu, Siming District, Xiamen (厦门市思明区厦禾路931号,梧村长途汽车站)
Tel: 0592-3655505
Getting there:
Take BRT line 1, 2 or 3, and get off at Xiamen Railway Station (厦门火车站)
There are many buses making which stop at Wucun Long-Distance Bus Station or Xiamen Railway Station, just remember to get off the bus at Wucun Long-distance Bus Station (梧村长途车站) or Xiamen Railway Station (厦门火车站)
SOURCE: WOX Info by Sanmao Lin
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