New bus terminal to be put into service at Xiamen North Railway Station

Updated: 2014-01-20
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Xiamen north station
The Xiamen North Railway Station
With the growing conflict of an increasing passenger flow with insufficient public transportation services, the Xiamen North Railway Station has been at the centre of discussion recently, especially after the launch of the Xiamen-Shenzhen High-Speed Railway last year.

More problems were exposed, including the rampant unlicensed taxi business, obscure direction signs, a bus shortage and poor management of the BRT buses. Nearly 100 passengers who planned to take the BRT were left in the cold on January 12th after bullet trains to the North Station were delayed and the control office did not inform and adjust the BRT buses accordingly, triggering a new round of complaints over poor public transport services at the station.

"We only have few buses available now,” a passenger involved in the incident complained, “can’t we have a more flexible arrangement of the BRT buses to offer better service for passengers?”
Xiamen north station
The bus and BRT stops at Xiamen North Railway Station
In response to the increasing complaints, the Jimei Public Bus Group revealed that a new 30,000 sqm bus terminal near the railway station will be put into service soon.

There are now 14 bus lines (Buses numbered 901, 905, 950, 907, 953, 790, 980, 690, 890, 936, 691, 949, 957 and 898) and a BRT line (1B) available at the railway station. The service times for BRT Line 1B and Bus 950 were extended to 23:15 and 23:20, respectively.

To curb the illegal taxis, more traffic officers were deployed to the area, and more will be added from the period of 25th to 29th January, another peak period for the Spring Festival travel rush.
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