Top 19 best sunrise spots in Xiamen

Updated: 2014-06-14
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Nothing can be more heavenly than watching the morning sunrise.

Soft morning air has an overall peaceful and calming effect on our body and when you add a brilliant sunrise to the backdrop of some beautiful scenes, the visual delight just can’t have any possible comparison.

This is an era of over-booked schedules and we are always busy at work and in our lives. But sometimes we need to stop and enjoy life. Sit and wait to experience one of the greatest spectacles of nature as WOX has picked the 19 best sunrise spots in Xiamen.
1. Moonlight Loop and Xinglin Pavilion (月光环和杏林阁)
Best viewing time: Winter
2. Jimei Pagoda (集美塔)
Location: The pagoda is situated at the central garden in Jimei New Town.
3. Wuyuan Bridge (五缘大桥)
Visitors can watch the sunrise on the bridge, with fishing boats floating on the sea. Sunrise provides breathtaking views for visitors who hope to see a colorful scenery in the rising sun.
4. Yuanboyuan Expo Garden (园博苑)
You may typically think mountains or beaches when it comes to a beautiful sunrise, but Yuanboyuan Expo Garden makes the list for the picturesque scene of the skyline as the sun comes up. Travelers can enjoy pleasant sunrises and sunsets any time of year.
5. Xinglin Bay (杏林湾)
Highlights: Wooden trestles and pavilions
6. Binhai West Revenue (滨海西大道)
Highlight: Clean and soft sandy beach. Tourists can see Jimei Bridge from the avenue.
7. Wutong Lighthouse Park (五通灯塔公园)
Highlight: The beautiful night scene and morning glow.
8. Maluan Bay (马銮湾)
Highlight: Mud flats and fishing boats.
9. Long Zhou Chi (集美学村龙舟池)
Highlight: Jiageng style buildings
10. Guanyin Mountain (观音山)
Guanyin Mountain is one of the most well-known sunrise spots in Xiamen. The sunrise is magnificent and its beauty can not be described in words.
11. Huangcuo Beach (黄厝海滩)
Highlight: Fishing boats
12. Beach near Xiamen conference center (会展海滩)
Highlight: Beaches
13. Huwei Mountain (狐尾山观景台)
14. Yuandang Lake (员当湖)
Highlight: Lake, egrets, urban architectures and sculptures.
15. Zeng Cuo An (曾厝安)
Highlight: Wooden trestles, music square and fort.
16. Jingzhou Park (景州乐园)
Highlight: Reefs
17. Sunlight Rock (日光岩)
18. Haoyue Garden (皓月园)
19. Gangzaihou Beach (港仔后沙滩)
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