Xiamen Airlines builds its West China base in Xining

Updated: 2014-06-25
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Xiamen Airlines will base Boeing 737-800 aircraft in Xining


Xiamen Airlines has set up a new operating base in western China.

The airline, which is traditionally based in southeast China’s Fujian province, has penned a new deal with the government of Qinghai province, near Tibet.

This will see the carrier develop its operations at Qinghai’s capital Xining. Xiamen Airlines deployed its first Boeing 737-800 aircraft at Xining’s Caojiabao Airport on 20 June 2014.

This has allowed it to double the frequency of its Xining-Hangzhou service to two flights per day, including the addition of a new non-stop service. The existing service operates via Xi’an. And Xiamen Airlines will also add a new service from Qinghai to Xiamen, via Wuhan.

According to the new agreement, Xiamen Airlines will continue to build its fleet at Xining, adding extra frequencies and launching more new routes from the city.

Covering an area bigger than France, Qinghai is a remote region on the Tibet Plateau, sandwiched between Sichuan, Tibet, Xinjiang and Gansu provinces.



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