Direct Xiamen-Brunei chartered flight launched

Updated: 2015-02-23
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It is Fujian’s first chartered flight service of its kind, and also the first direct chartered flight to Brunei from mainland China. Visitors to Brunei formerly had to change planes in Hong Kong or Singapore, and the entire travel took about a day to complete. 
During this year’s Spring Festival, Xiamen Airport has added a total of 742 new flights. 
The airport was put into operation on October 22nd in 1983, which initially handled 4 air routes, and the airport now handles more than 200 air routes with annual passenger throughput of over 20 million. 
The airport currently has two terminal buildings -T3 and T4. The T4 building of Xiamen Airport was put into use on December 28th last year and the functions of the T3 and T4 buildings are as follows: 
T3: Xiamen Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hebei Airlines, international flights, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong-bound flights
T4: Other domestic flights

Xiamen airport shuttle bus service (5:10-21:40)  
5:10-20:00: buses run every 10 minutes
20:00-21:40: buses every 20 minutes 


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