Thai Airways ditch out world trips for water lantern festival

Updated: 2015-11-13
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The Loy Krathong festival has been celebrated throughout Thailand for centuries, usually to mark the end of the rainy season.




Each year, thousands of paper lanterns are released into the night sky to symbolically ward off bad luck, while rivers are covered by floating flower lanterns, adorned with candles and joss sticks, cast into waterways to wish for good luck.




Thai Airways is offering special promotions for several hot destinations in Thailand from now to January 31st next year. Take this opportunity to enjoy a wonderful trip to Thailand and celebrate Loy Krathong with the locals. You won't be let down.

Xiamen - Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai)
Round trip ticket price: Starting from RMB 1,150
Valid date: From now to January 31st, 2016

The airline is also offering special deals for destinations around the world.

Xiamen – Europe (Frankfurt, Munich, Rome, Milan, Paris, London, Zurich, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Brussels)
Round trip ticket price: Starting from RMB 2,820
Valid for ticketing: Until December 31st, 2015
Period for tour: Until January 31st, 2016



Xiamen – Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth)
Round trip ticket price: Starting from RMB 2,500
Xiamen – Auckland
Round trip ticket price: Starting from RMB 2,600



Xiamen - India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Madras, Calcutta Bond, Hyderabad)
Round trip ticket price: Starting from RMB 2,610
Valid date: From now to March 31st, 2016 (Not including February 5th to 9th, 2016)



1. The above fare is NET fare not included tax. Child/Infant discount fares are not applicable. Fare is not applicable to UM service.
2. The itinerary for the same fare basis group and same tour code is allowed to mixed class. One way should be same class.
Fares may be combined on a half return basis in order to construct a round-trip fare to the same destination.
3. The class of the domestic sector flight should be the same as the international sector flight.
4. Offers cannot be combines with add-on/SPA or any other net or published carrier fares.
5. Valid on TG operated flight/date shown only/Non-endorsable/Non-reroutable/ Non-refundable/Non-extendable.
6. After departure, reservation change is permitted for a fee of RMB 500 per transaction.
7. One free stopover permitted in BKK for entire journey. Two free transfers permitted in BKK, one in each direction.
8. Full and sequential use of flight coupons. Ticket is not valid if the first coupon has not been used and will not be honored if all coupons are not used in the sequence provided in the E-ticket.

Reservation & Ticketing
ADDRESS: 23C, International Plaza Building, No.8 Lujiang Road, Xiamen 361001
Business Hour: Monday - Friday 09:00am-17:30pm
PHONE: 0592 - 2261688
FAX: 0592 - 2261678

SOURCE: Thai Airways Xiamen

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