Coming May holiday in Fujian, we like you to go places!

Updated: 2016-04-28
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If you happen to spend your time here in Xiamen, there is plenty of places to see and discover in Fujian during the three-day May Day holiday which strats from April 30th this year.
Fujian is blessed with a rich history, famous historical sites, beautiful natural landscapes, ocean and mountains.
There is definitely something for everyone we got activities for the history buffs, the adrenaline junkies or just somewhere to past the times with friends.
Here is a list of places you should check out:
No. 1 - Hakka Tulou Tour
This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Fujian, if you are interested in the traditional Chinese architecture, exploring Fujian Tulou "rammed earth buildings” are very helpful in understanding the principles of balance and symmetry used for traditional Chinese buildings.
Travel tips:
1. If you really want to explore Tulou, the best way is to live there for a couple of days, Speak to the locals and your experience will be enriched!
2. Employ a local guide who will help you to understand the wisdom of the building.
No. 2 - Mingqing and Gutian Tour
Cuiping Lake
Huangchulin Hotsprings Resort/黄楮林温泉胜地 sets deep in the forest among the mountains where hot springs and mountain springs run parallel to one another.
Hot springs, mountain resorts, waterfalls, peach plantations, plum plantations, pearl cultivation, oh my!!!! The list goes on and on there is so much to see and do. Gutian is also known as the mushroom capital of China.

Travel tips:

1. Gutian Hot-springs are arguably China’s best hot springs tourist spots, so make sure to check out either Huangchulin Hot springs Resort (黄楮林温泉胜地) or  Daminggu resort(大明谷) to have a rejuvenating soak.
2. It goes without saying that there are lots of mushroom dishes, so whiles in Gutian make sure to indulge in all the different mushroom cuisine they have to offer.
No. 3 - Ningde Tour
Village on the sea: Wooden houses and seafood farms build a water community in Ningde City in southeast China
Xita Village in Ningde, the grape valley in South China.
Live among the folks who build their homes on the floating village, set in a backdrop of has green hills and clear waters. The inhabitants need not have to set foot on land in their everyday living. They have their own floating mail posts, police station, restaurants and convenient stores. Ningde Global Geopark, features rarely seen landscapes such as Granite Mountains, volcanic mountains, plush river etc.
Travel tip
1. Some of the best seafood is found here, be prepared to take a boat and sample some of the freshly caught seafood from the ocean at the floating restaurants.

No. 4 - Pingnan Tour
Old wooden bridges are still a fully functional part of life in Pingnan.
The mountainous terrain here has given to some of the best natural and man-made wonderlands. The Baishuiyang or White Water Square is the biggest in China, and properly the world. The natural wonderland has huge flat rocks covered with knee high spring waters flowing through them. The square is equivalent to the size of 5 to 10 football fields. Here you will find the world’s longest wooden bridges which some have been standing for 4 or five hundred years.
The mountain terrain in this part of Fujian makes it a very scenic and pleasurable drive especially with some of the best roads snaking through the valleys and mountains.
Travel tips
1. The drive from Ningde to Pingnan is pleasing, make sure you take your camera as you will regret if you don’t.
2. There will be local fruits sold on the roadside, they are local fruits growers whom you can stop and buy.
No. 5 - Zhangzhou Volcanic Park
Take a break and get in touch with nature at the only scenic volcanic park in china. Zhangzhou volcanic park is over an hour drive from Xiamen. It covers around 100 km2, small volcanic islets, an area covered with unique volcanic formations, scenic natural trails, both sandy and rocky beaches, cottages and huts. 
Travel tip
1. Bicycles are not allowed on the trails in this park, so bring along comfortable trekking shoes for hiking.

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