Conrad Xiamen wins 13 important awards since opening

Updated: 2017-02-23
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With its premier location, professional service, fine meals, and fabulous accommodations, Conrad Xiamen -- though the luxury hotel just opened its doors last August -- has enjoyed widespread acclaim and received an array of important awards over the past few months.


1. The Best Newly Opened Hotel in China Travel Award, hosted by Travel + Leisure (私家地理)



2. Annual Hotel Restaurant — LUCHENG in Best Restaurant Awards, hosted by Ganlan Pictorial (橄榄画报) 



3. The Best City New Landmark Hotel in AHF Hotel Award, hosted by AHF (亚洲酒店论坛)



4. Best Newly Opened Hotel in Best Hotel and Resort Value Award, hosted by Voyage (新旅行)



5. 2016 Best New Award, hosted by MICE China (中国企业会议)



6. Best Luxury Hotel Experience Grand Design Award, hosted by T+ Urbanspace (T+城市)



7. The Best New Open Luxury Hotel Hotel Award, hosted by Shanghai Times (申江服务导报)



8. Best Luxury Hotel and Best MICE Hotel in METROPOLITAN Hotel Awards, hosted by METROPOLITAN (都会)



9. The Best Luxury Hotel in 2016 in Xiamen Tourism Awards, hosted by Xiamen Daily (厦门日报)



10. Best New Scenic Hotel in World Traveler Awards, hosted by World Traveler Media (旅行者传媒)



11. The Best Luxury Hotels in China's Best Hotels Award, hosted by YOYO.NET



12. International Hotel Platinum Award in The Best Business Meeting Hotel, hosted by IHFO



13. Best Newly Opened Hotel in Best Hotels and Resorts Winner, hosted by TRAVEL INFO (旅游情报)



Conrad Xiamen
Occupying the 37th to 54th floors of the landmark 300-meter tall Shimao Straits Tower, Conrad Xiamen is the highest-elevation hotel in Xiamen. The hotel has sweeping, expansive views of the famous Gulangyu Island, historic downtown Xiamen, and the stunning Yanwu Bridge. It’s very close to a shopping mall, a movie theatre, Shapowei, Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen University, enterprise offices, and popular tourist attractions such as the Gulangyu Ferry Terminal, Zhongshan Road, and Baicheng Beach. Furthermore, it’s only 12 kilometers from Conrad Xiamen to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport.

Conrad is an international brand of luxury hotels and resorts founded by Hilton Worldwide and named after company founder Conrad Hilton. There are now six Conrad hotels in greater China.


SOURCE: Conrad Xiamen

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