On board Thai Royal Orchid Premium Class to Krabi

Updated: 2017-05-08
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Going luxury to pamper yourself - Thai Royal Orchid Premium Class

Everyone deserves a bit of "me time" now and again. But most people have trouble finding either the time or the resources to pamper themselves. This WOX writer suggests that the affordably priced "Thai Royal Orchid Premium Class" flight from Xiamen to Krabi offers the perfect way for travellers to be treated like royalty without breaking their wallets.

WOX recently had the opportunity to enjoy the flight, all expenses paid, in order to tell our readers how great an experience it really is.

The premium flight from Xiamen to Krabi is serviced by a Boeing 777, and stops over briefly in Bangkok. Services and amenities in "Royal Silk" class proved to be just as comfortable and satisfying as the name suggests.





The aircraft's interior gives the feeling of roominess while still fully utilizing the space. Thai Airways has figured out how to offer onboard comfort for premium-class passengers to a degree that no Chinese airline has yet achieved.

After checking in at the Thai Airways’ counter and passing through the immigration fast lane (airport immigration has a separate counter and channel for premium class passengers), we were ushered to the Royal Silk Lounge to wait for our boarding call. While waiting, we helped ourselves to food and beverages in the quiet comfort of the premium class waiting area.

After our boarding call, we were picked up from the lounge and quickly whisked onto the plane, boarding very near to departure time. We were probably the last passengers through the gate, but economy class passengers were still waiting in line in the boarding bridge when we passed them in the fast-lane bridge and proceeded directly to our seats.

Soon, we were presented with hot and cold towels. Drinks and snacks were served while we made our choices for the flight's big three-course meal.


In no time our tables were laid for dinning, complete with its own bread basket. I started with a glass of champagne.

The three-course meal was sumptuously presented along with free flowing top-shelf liquors such as cognac, single-malt whisky, champagne, and liqueurs including Grand Marnier, Kahlúa,and many more.

The dining menu for our flight to Xiamen is included below. Click on it to take a closer look.

After the meal, I settled in for the in-flight entertainment -- which was fairly inviting, considering the size of the TV screen -- and donned the comfy audio headset.

The seat and entertainment system is controlled from a panel beside the seat. The screen springs up and swivels up from another panel, so can’t be used during take-off or landing.

Drinks and snacks were continually served while the in-flight entertainment center provided me with great movies and music of my choosing. In a blink of the eye, we were preparing for landing.

I was impressed by Thai Airways International premium class. What is even more impressive is that Thai Airways has remained for many years one of the most accessible premium class products in the world in terms of ticket availability, especially given the amount of award inventory the airline releases. Thai Airways' tickets are also frequently priced aggressively low; the airline often provides great value-for-money deals on business class tickets --tickets that would be more expensive at other airlines -- for the same destinations when a connection is required at the airline's hub in Bangkok.

Another bonus offered by Thai Airways is that when flying premium class, you can apply to become a Royal Orchid Plus Member, and enjoy 125 percent more frequent flyer points.

Flying Royal Thai Airlines has its advantages!

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SOURCE: WOX Team by Choi LEE

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