13-day tour to Moscow, St. Petersburg and 10 Nordic cities

Updated: 2017-05-25
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Price: RMB15,000 per person
Departure Dates: June 21st, 2017
*Price includes: Round-trip airfare and taxes, visa application charge, all the meals, tour bus fare, Train fee ( from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, 4 soft sleeping seats a room for 4 people), luxury cruise accommodation fee (2 people a room) , cost of driver and Chinese tour-guide, cost of hotels, cost of entrance tickets of the underline locations, travel agency liability insurance expenses, travel accident insurance expenses
*Price does not include: Aviation insurance premiums, baggage insurance premiums, excess luggage rates, Visa related fees such as notary fees for minors, extra costs caused by individual needs, tips for driver and tour guide--RMB80 per tourist per day,
tips for hotel room service
Transportation: Airplane, deluxe coach, cruise, train
Accommodations: Three or Four-star hotels, luxury cruise, the fjords feature hotel
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Day 1 Fuzhou/Xiamen to Beijing to Moscow (Russia)

Fuzhou to Beijing   Reference flight: CA1822 0735/1025
Xiamen to Beijing   Reference flight: CA1802 0755/1045
Beijing to Moscow   Reference flight: CA909 1345/1755

Gather at Fuzhou Changle International Airport or Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport to take a flight to Beijing at the appointed time. After arriving in Beijing, take another flight to the capital of Russia -- Moscow. After arriving in Moscow, have a rest at a local hotel.

Day 2 Moscow (Russia) to Saint Petersburg (Russia)    Train timetable undetermined



Red Square (莫斯科红场)



Lenin's Mausoleum (列宁墓)



Alexander Gardens (亚历山大花园)

After breakfast, take a tour in Moscow city. Visit the former royal citadel -- Red Square (莫斯科红场) -- for not less than 20 minutes. The name “Red Square” came about because of the Russian word красная (krasnaya), which means both "red" and "beautiful." After Red Square, visit Lenin's Mausoleum (列宁墓). As it’s usually closed on weekdays, we can only view it from its exterior. After visiting the square and the mausoleum, visit Russian's national garden -- Alexander Gardens (亚历山大花园); if you would like, you can pay the entrance fee to the Kremlin (克里姆林宫 -- usually closed on Thursday) on your own. The complex serves as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation. After today’s tour, go to Leningrad railway station and take a night train to Russia's biggest port and second largest city -- Saint Petersburg.

Day 3 Saint Petersburg (Russia)



The Peterhof Palace (夏宫花园)



The Winter Palace (冬宫)


Arrive at the so-called Venice of the North -- Saint Petersburg (圣彼得堡) -- in the morning. There, visit the Peterhof Palace (夏宫花园) for more than 20 minutes. At the beginning of the Eighteenth Century, the Russian czar Peter the Great gave orders to construct the Peterhof Palace. Its appearance from the outside is simple and solemn, while the palace's interior is luxuriously decorated. Many large dance parties and palace ceremonies have been held here, and the Emperor Peter usually came to the Peterhof Palace for the summer. After 1934, the summer palace opened as a museum of folk history. Now, the Peterhof Palace is known as "Russia's Versailles" because of its magnificent palace building. After visiting Peterhof Palace, we will visit the Winter Palace (冬宫) for not less than 20 minutes. The Winter Palace is closed on Mondays. It is located at the St. Petersburg palace square and has been a part of the Hermitage Museum (艾尔米塔奇博物馆) since the end of the Russian Revolution. It is an outstanding example of Russian Baroque architecture in the mid-Eighteenth Century. The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, the British Museum in London, the Louvre in Paris, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York are known as the four largest museums in the world. The Hermitage Museum was originally a private museum of Queen Ekaterina.

Day 4 Saint Petersburg (Russia) to Helsinki (Finland)



Decembrists' Square (十二月党人广场)

After breakfast, visit Decembrists' Square (十二月党人广场) for more than 20 minutes. The Square is situated near the Neva River and the general staff building. In the center of the square, there’s a round grass lawn, on which is erected a statue of Peter the great. The statue is the symbol of Saint Petersburg. We'll spend some time at the statue to appreciate its stateliness. After the visit in Saint Petersburg, we will then take tour buses to the capital of Finland -- Helsinki. Our tour of the Nordic Countries will start from here.

Day 5 Helsinki (Finland) to Porvoo to Helsinki (Finland)


Porvoo Cathedral (波尔沃大教堂)


After breakfast, take tour buses to the second oldest city in Finland -- Porvoo. This is a well-known historical city in Finland, whose name originated from a river called Porvoonjoki. Along the river, there's a row of red wooden houses that many tourists enjoy visiting. We will then view Porvoo Cathedral (波尔沃大教堂) from its exterior for not less than 15 minutes. The original Cathedral burned down in 2006. After the fire, nothing was left except for a piece of slate. Now, the slate still lies quietly in the cathedral. After the cathedral, we will visit Senate Square (参议院广场) from its exterior for not less than 20 minutes. Senate Square is located in the center of Helsinki. In the middle of the square stands a bronze statue of Alexander II of Russia (沙皇亚历山大二世) in memory of his efforts to secure Finland's autonomy. After today’s tour, return to Helsinki, and stay overnight in Helsinki.

Day 6 Helsinki (Finland) to Turku (Finland) to Stockholm (Sweden)    Reference Cruise Ship: 2055-0630+1


Helsinki Cathedral (赫尔辛基大教堂)

After breakfast, visit Helsinki Cathedral (赫尔辛基大教堂) for not less than 15 minutes. Helsinki Cathedral, built in 1852, is the most famous building in Helsinki. It is a Lutheran church. After visiting the Helsinki Cathedral, we will then view Temppeliaukion Church (岩石教堂) from its exterior for more than 15 minutes. Built from a block of blasted rock, it is an important landmark in Helsinki. After the church, visit Sibelius Park (西贝柳斯公园) for more than 20 minutes. A large organ sculpture sits in Sibelius Park. After the park, view the Uspenski Cathedral(乌斯彭斯基大教堂), the biggest Russian Orthodox Church in any of the Nordic Countries, from its exterior for more than 20 minutes. After the tour in Helsinki, take tour buses to Turku and view Turku Castle (图尔库城堡) from its exterior for not less than 15 minutes. The old part of the castle was built in 1280. It took 280 years to finish building the castle. The new part of the castle was built in the years between 1574 and 1588. After dinner, take a cruise ship to the capital of Sweden -- Stockholm (斯德哥尔摩). Stay overnight on the ship. Enjoy the beauty of the Baltic Sea at night and the exotic nightlife on the ship.

Day 7 Stockholm (Sweden) to Karlstad (Sweden)



Karlstad (卡尔斯塔德)



Lake Vinan (维纳恩湖)


After having breakfast on the ship, we’ll arrive in Stockholm (斯德哥尔摩) which is sometimes referred to as “the Venice of the North”. After arriving in Stockholm, take tour buses to the picturesque Karlstad (卡尔斯塔德), located at the north shore of Lake Vinan (维纳恩湖). A lot of sports activities are hosted in Karlstad despite the fact that it’s a small city. Hence, it is sometimes called “the City of Sunshine." Because the research institutions of Ericsson and the national telecommunications company Telia are here, it is also known as "Sweden's information technology center." A world-famous Nobel-winning scientist has lived and worked here.

Day 8 Karlstad (Sweden) to Oslo (Norway) to Geilo (Norway)



Akershus fortress (阿克斯胡斯城堡)



Norway Royal Palace (挪威王宫)



Oslo Opera House, Norway (挪威国家歌剧院)


After breakfast, take tour buses to Oslo (奥斯陆) to view the Oslo City Hall (奥斯陆市政厅), Akershus fortress (阿克斯胡斯城堡), and the Norway Royal Palace (挪威王宫) from their exteriors for not less than 45 minutes in total. After visiting those three sights, view the Oslo Opera House, Norway (挪威国家歌剧院) from its exterior for not less than 20 minutes. As one of Norway's important landmarks, the Oslo Opera House is definitely a must-see place for visitors to Norway. After today’s tour, take tour buses to Geilo and stay there overnight.

Day 9 Geilo(Norway) to Sognefjord (Norway) to Oslo (Norway)



Sognefjord (松恩峡湾)

After breakfast, visit Sognefjord (松恩峡湾), the biggest fjord in Norway, for more than two hours. This is the longest and deepest fjord in the world. The rock formations on both sides of the fjord are hard, mainly composed of granite and gneiss, and are interspersed with a patches of limestone, dolomite, and marble. Naroyfjord (纳勒尔峡湾) and Aurlandsfjord (艾于兰峡湾) are the two best-known fjords in Sognefjiord. After the tour at Sognefjord, take tour buses to the best place for viewing Sognefjord -- Fromm Town (弗洛姆小镇). This is the starting point of the mountain climbing train, the Fromm Railway.

Day 10 Oslo (Norway) to Goteborg (Sweden) to Copenhagen (Denmark)


Goteborg Old Pier (哥德堡旧码头)


Goteborg Cathedral (哥德堡大教堂)



Mermaid Statue (美人鱼雕塑)


After breakfast, visit Sweden's second biggest city and busiest port and commercial center, Goteborg (哥德堡). Although Goteborg is a modern city, the city is very green and full of gardens. In Goteborg, we will visit the Goteborg Old Pier (哥德堡旧码头) and Goteborg Cathedral (哥德堡大教堂) for more than 30 minutes. After the tour in Goteborg, visit the capital of Denmark -- Copenhagen, which is known as “the kingdom of fairy tales." Visit the Mermaid Statue (美人鱼雕塑) in Copenhagen for not less than 15 minutes, and view Gefion Fountain (杰芬喷泉) from its exterior for more than 30 minutes.

Day 11 Copenhagen (Denmark) to Helsingor (Denmark) to a Swedish town



The Copenhagen Opera House (哥本哈根歌剧院)


Nyhavn Port (新港码头)

After breakfast, visit City Hall (市政厅大厦), the Amalienborg Slot (阿美琳堡宫), the Copenhagen Opera House (哥本哈根歌剧院), and the Frederick Church (腓特烈教堂) for more than 30 minutes. After visiting those four attractions, we will then visit Nyhavn Port (新港码头) for not less than 15 minutes. Along the Nyhavn river is a row of colorful houses where numerous celebrities resided at one point. After the tour at Nyhavn Port, visit a charming port city, Helsingorthe (赫尔辛格). It is also the hometown of Hamlet (哈姆雷特), the main character in Shakespeare's immortal play.

Day 12 A Swedish town to Stockholm (Sweden) to Beijing    Reference Flight:CA912 1910/0940+1



The Stockholm Cathedral (斯德哥尔摩大教堂)

After breakfast, visit Stockholm and view the Stockholm Cathedral (斯德哥尔摩大教堂) from its exterior for more than 15 minutes. Visit Stockholm City Hall (斯德哥尔摩市政厅) for not less than 45 minutes. View the Parliament House (议会大厦) from its exterior for not less than 15 minutes. When finished, visit Drottningholm (皇后岛) for not less than 15 minutes. Visit Fjords street (峡湾街) for more than 15 minutes. After finishing the day’s tour, go to the airport and take a flight back to Beijing. Before checking in, apply for a tax refund.

Day 13 Beijing to Fuzhou  Reference flight: CA1807 1825/2115

Beijing to Xiamen  Reference flight: CA977 1510/1810
Return to Fuzhou or Xiamen from Beijing by air.


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