Tour to Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia & Germany

Updated: 2017-05-26
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Price: RMB12,599 per person

*price includes: Round-trip airfare and taxes, all the meals, visa application charge, tour bus fare, cost of driver and tour-guide, cost of Chinese tour guide, cost of hotels and entrance tickets, travel agency liability insurance expenses, travel accident insurance expenses
*price does not include: Aviation insurance premiums, baggage insurance premiums, excess luggage rates, Visa related fees such as notary fees for minors, extra costs caused by individual needs, tips for driver and tour guide-- RMB1000 per person.
Departure Dates: June 29th, 2017 
Departure city: Xiamen or Fuzhou
Visa application: Czech Republic Visa
Flight: HU
Transportation: Airplane, deluxe coach
Accommodations: Three-star hotels,
business economy hotel
Consulting Hotline: 0592-5053122 (Apple Travel)
WeChat ID: appletravel001

Day 1 June 29th   

Xiamen to Beijing   Reference flight: HU7292 2005/2255
Fuzhou to Beijing   Reference flight: HU7488  2000/2300

Gather at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport or Fuzhou Changle International Airport to take a flight to Beijing at the appointed time. After arriving in Beijing, check into the hotel arranged by the airline. Stay overnight in Beijing. The hotel usually is a standard business economy hotel and the room is a standard room.

Day 2 June 30th  Beijing to Berlin    Reference flight: HU489 1320/1730

Gather at Beijing Capital International Airport to take a flight to the capital of Germany, Berlin. After arriving in Berlin, have a rest at a local hotel.

Day 3 July 1st  Berlin (Germany) to Dresden (Germany) to Prague



Dresden Frauenkirche(德累斯顿圣母大教堂)






Zwinger (茨温格宫)

After breakfast, tour Berlin. Visit the Pariser Platz (巴黎广场) situated by the Brandenburg Gate (勃兰登堡门) at the end of the Unter den Linden (菩提树下大街), the Reichstag Building (新国会大厦), which was made into the German Federal Parliament building in 1998, and the German Chancellery (联邦总理府). When finished, visit the East Side Gallery (东部画廊), a symbol of the division of Germany and also the iconic building of the cold war, for more than 20 minutes. After visiting the East Side Gallery, we will then take deluxe coaches to one of the ten major cities in Germany -- Dresden -- and view Dresden Frauenkirche (德累斯顿圣母大教堂), Semperoper (森帕歌剧院), Zwinger (茨温格宫), Brühl's Terrace (布吕尔平台), and Loschwitz Bridge (蓝色奇迹大桥) from their exteriors for a total of not less than an hour and a half. After today’s tour, take deluxe coaches to the capital of the Czech Republic -- Prague. After arriving and having dinner in Prague, have a rest at a local hotel.

Day 4 July 2nd  Prague to Cesky Krumlov to Ceska Budejovice



Cesky Krumlov Castle(克鲁姆洛夫城堡)

After breakfast, go to a charming small city in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic -- Cesky Krumlov (克鲁姆洛夫) -- which was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is considered the most beautiful medieval old town in the Czech Republic. After arriving, view Cesky Krumlov Castle (克鲁姆洛夫城堡) from its exterior for not less than 30 minutes. The castle dates back to 1240 when it was first built by the Witigonen family, the main branch of the powerful Rosenberg family.  The castle is the second largest in Bohemia. After the tour, take deluxe coaches to Ceska Budejovice (布杰约维采) and have a rest at a local hotel.

Day 5 July 3rd  Ceska Budejovice to Hallstatt to Vienna



Austrian Parliament Building(奥地利国会大厦)



Hofburg Garden(霍夫堡花园)



St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna(史帝芬大教堂)


After breakfast, spend at least an hour visiting Hallstatt (哈尔施塔特小镇). Located on the western shore of the Hallstatter See (a lake), Hallstatt is known for its production of salt. It was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997. When finished, take deluxe coaches to the capital of Austria -- Vienna (维也纳). Tour Vienna City for more than an hour and a half: view the Vienna State Opera (国家歌剧院), the Austrian Parliament Building (奥地利国会大厦), and Wiener Rathaus (新市政厅) from their exteriors; stroll through Heldenplatz (英雄广场) and appreciate the charm of the Hofburg Garden (霍夫堡花园); then, view St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna (史帝芬大教堂) from its exterior. After visiting those places, we will then visit the backyard garden of Schönbrunn Palace (美泉宫) for at least an hour. After today’s tour, walk freely along Vienna's walking street for more than 40 minutes to experience the rich cultural atmosphere and unique charm of the capital of music. After having dinner, have a rest at a local hotel in Vienna.

Day 6 July 4th  Vienna to Budapest



Matthias Church(马加什教堂)



Hungarian Parliament Building (国会大厦)

After breakfast, take deluxe coaches to the capital of Hungary, Budapest (布达佩斯). The city is known as the “Pearl of the Danube River." Tour Budapest for more than two hours: view Matthias Church (马加什教堂), the Hungarian Parliament Building (国会大厦) and St. Stephen's Basilica (圣伊斯特万大教堂) from their exteriors; visit Heroes' Square (英雄广场) and Chain Bridge (锁链桥); and overlook Elisabeth Bridge (伊莉莎白大桥) from afar. Stroll freely through Heroes' Square for around 40 minutes. After the break, visit Fisherman's Bastion (渔人城堡) for not less than 30 minutes. This is a terrace in neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style situated on the Buda bank of the Danube, on Castle Hill in Budapest. After today’s tour, rest at a local hotel after dinner.

Day 7
July 5th  Budapest to Bratislava



Slovak National Theater (斯洛伐克国家歌剧院)



Bratislava Castle (布拉迪斯拉发城堡)


  After breakfast, take deluxe coaches to the capital of Slovakia -- Bratislava (布拉迪斯拉发). Visit the antique Slovak National Theater (斯洛伐克国家歌剧院), St. Martin's Cathedral (圣马丁教堂), and Michael's Gate (米歇尔门). After visiting those three locations, go to the Sándor Palace (总统府广场) and visit Bratislava Castle (布拉迪斯拉发城堡), Roland Fountain (罗兰喷泉), and the Suspension Bridge (悬索大桥). After today’s visit, stay at a local hotel.

Day 8 July 6th  Bratislava to Prague



Prague Castle (布拉格城堡)



Golden Lane (黄金小巷)

After breakfast, go to Prague and visit Prague Castle (布拉格城堡) and Golden Lane (黄金小巷) from their exteriors. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, occupying an area of almost 70,000 square meters. Golden Lane consists of small houses that were painted in bright colors in the 1950s. The street originally had houses on both sides, but one side was demolished in the 19th century. House number 22 used to belong to the sister of writer Franz Kafka, who used this house to write for approximately two years between 1916 and 1917. After dinner, stay at a local hotel.

Day 9 July 7th  Prague to Beijing   Reference Flight: HU7938 1435/0605+1



Charles Bridge (查理大桥)



Prague astronomical clock (布拉格天文钟)

After breakfast, visit Charles Bridge (查理大桥) and Old Town Square (老城广场).There is a world renowned Prague astronomical clock (布拉格天文钟) at the square. After today’s tour, go to the airport and take a flight back to Beijing. Before checking in, apply for a tax refund.

Day 10
July 8th 

Beijing to Xiamen  Reference Flight: HU7291 0740/1040
Beijing to Fuzhou  Reference Flight: HU7487 0805/1055

After arriving in Beijing, take another flight to Xiamen or Fuzhou.


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