Contemporary Art Exhibition with free admission at Langham Place Xiamen

Updated: 2017-07-21
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Sculpture is one of the world’s oldest art forms. It presents its beauty and soul through its aesthetic, three-dimensional perspective. Recently, Langham Place Xiamen and Timesspace (厦门时代空间文化传媒有限公司) have co-organized a Contemporary Art Exhibition (当代艺术展) at Langham Place Xiamen. The event will last three months, from July 6th to October 9th, 2017. Admission is free.



A Little Horse Crossing the River (小马过河)

More than 20 sculptures are on display at the exhibition. They are presented in picturesque disorder in the lobby of Langham Place Xiamen Hotel. The exhibition features a light-hearted, agreeable, and amicable artistic atmosphere, meticulously presented. On July 9th, Langham Place Xiamen also joined forces with Yangzi Clothing Company (扬子服饰) and Timesspace to hold a remarkable fashion show and a relaxed afternoon tea tasting at its lobby. The event presented guests with an immersive artistic atmosphere of contemporary culture and art.



Rouge (胭脂)

The sculptures in the event were chosen from among the works of China’s contemporary famous young sculptors, including Gao Xiao Wu (高孝午), Li Wei (李伟), Liu Zhi Yin (刘知音), Wang Xing Gang (王兴刚), Wang Da Peng (王大鹏), Wu Liang Yan (吴梁焰), and Zhang Yong (张勇). Materials used in the sculptures include cast copper, rapid prototyping adhesive, and stainless steel. Each piece of artwork commendably expresses the effort and thought of its creator.
Langham Place Xiamen warmly welcomes you to attend the art exhibition to explore the inherent meaning of art, use your imagination, and enjoy an hour of leisure while exposing yourself to art!


Juicy Peach (水蜜桃儿)




 British Standard (英式标准)


Part of the Works:


Our Generation (我们这一代)
British Standard (英式标准)
A Little Horse Crossing the River (小马过河)
Juicy Peach (水蜜桃儿)
Chase Series Collection (《追》系列作品集)
Making Progress Every Day (天天向上)
Immortal Trace (仙踪)
Little deer (小迷鹿)
Fervor (炽)
Goddess of Mercy (观自在)


Activity Arrangements:


Date: July 6th to October 9th, 2017
Avenue: Lobby of Langham Place Xiamen Hotel 厦门朗豪酒店大堂
Address: Number 4668 Xianyue Road (adjoining Huli Wanda Plaza) 湖里区仙岳路4668号

Ticket: Free admission
Consulting hotline: (86) 592 602 9999

Langham Place Xiamen WeChat ID: lpxiamen

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