A Date So Sweet: Me and My Besty’s Wedding Dress Fitting Room

Updated: 2017-07-25
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A besty is someone who cries with you when you feel sad, and laughs with you when you feel happy. She reaches out when you need support, either mentally or materially. Every lady has besty who she shares her life with, and one of the most important moments between a woman and her besty is the day of her wedding.



My besties





The “bridal wedding dress fitting room” event is part of a series of events co-organized by three hotels in the Marriott International group (万豪国际集团): Le Meridien Xiamen, Sheraton Xiamen Hotel, and The Westin Xiamen. The series of wedding show events, named “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” was launched for brides-to-be and one or two of her besties to share the joy of planning a wedding together.



The creative wedding ideas offered by Chase Wedding (千寻婚礼顾问), the elegant and beautiful customized wedding dresses provided by GLADYS ONLY, and fabulous makeup from SU MAKEUP will make brides-to-be and their best friends look as beautiful as angels in the photos provided by Alangphotography (阿郎摄影工作室). Follow  the WeChat official account of Le Meridien Xiamen, Sheraton Xiamen Hotel, or The Westin Xiamen to obtain an invitation.




look so

beautiful in white



Bridal Wedding Dress Fitting Room event:


Event: The bride-to-be and her besty (one or two) can enjoy a chance to have their wedding dress photos taken together.

How to get an invitation:

Step 1: Send the following Chinese words--新娘试衣间, to Le Meridien Xiamen, Sheraton Xiamen, or
The Westin Xiamen’s WeChat official account to obtain a link to the article.

Step 2: Share the article on your WeChat Moments.

Step 3: Make a screenshot of your WeChat moments and send the screenshot to any of the three hotels’ WeChat official accounts.

Step 4: Send your name and phone number to the official account of the hotel to which you’ve sent the screenshot.

Registration deadline: 12 noon on July 26th, 2017

The list of winners will be published on the three hotels' WeChat official accounts on the evening of July 26, 2017. Three winners will be chosen arbitrarily from among all participants.


Le Meridien Xiamen 厦门艾美酒店

WeChat ID: lemeridienxm


Sheraton Xiamen Hotel 厦门喜来登酒店

WeChat ID: sheratonxiamen


The Westin Xiamen 厦门威斯汀酒店

WeChat ID: westinxiamen



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