“Ai Mei · Midsummer” Exhibition Xiamen Station

Updated: 2017-07-28
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On July 23rd, 2017, one of the Marriott International Group’s hotel brands, Le Méridien Hotels and Resorts, announced the official opening of its “Ai Mei · Midsummer” exhibition in Xiamen. “Ai Mei · Midsummer” is the name of the exhibition and of 11 cute doll sculptures that represent Le Méridien Hotels and Resorts’ 11 destinations in China.



The “Ai Mei · Midsummer” doll sculptures were designed by a famous Chinese art brand named X+Q (稀奇艺术) with the cooperation of the hotel. The design of the eleven dolls draws its inspiration from nine key characteristics of Le Méridien Hotels and Resorts’ 11 destinations in China. The doll that represents Xiamen wears a skirt with a hemline that looks like piano keys.




The exhibition in Xiamen will last eight days from July 23rd to 30th in the lobby of Le Méridien Xiamen. After the announcement of the opening, 11 doll sculptures were displayed on a piano-shaped display. The display also features the song “Waves of Gulangyu Islet,” performed by a children’s choir.





Meanwhile, Le Méridien Xiamen has launched special buffet meal and afternoon tea related to the theme, and an interactive piano activity aimed at encouraging its creative-minded guests to explore the beauty of one of China’s Le Méridien Hotels and Resorts destinations — Xiamen City — together with the hotel. The exhibition will be held in succession at Le Méridien Hotels and Resorts’ 11 hotels in China.


The Meaning behind the Ai Mei · Midsummer Doll Sculpture:


Through these original artistic works, X+Q hopes to explore the diversified meaning and possibilities behind the works. The idea matches well with the brand spirit of Le Méridien Hotels and Resorts: leading creative-minded, distinguished guests to experience and explore each of the destinations through art. Le Méridien Hotels and Resorts expects to create a unique artistic space where its patrons can explore culture, delicacies, and destinations creatively.

Le Méridien Xiamen 厦门艾美酒店


Located on Xiamen’s picturesque Xianyue Mountain, Le Méridien Xiamen is surrounded by dense forests and spectacular natural landscape, which makes it Xiamen’s best place to stay, either for business or for pleasure. Le Méridien Xiamen aims to create a convenient and natural resting place for its patrons. The hotel’s three restaurants — Latitude 24, Latest Recipe, and Le Mei — will please guests with their fine food, exquisite design, and luxurious furnishings. Le Méridien Xiamen is also equipped with a more-than 2,000-square-meter multi-functional conference hall that can satisfy the needs of any meeting, large or small. One of the hotel’s geographical advantages is reflected in the short distance between the hotel and the Dongdu Ferry Terminal, from which you can get to one of Xiamen’s most famous scenic spots and a World Heritage Site, Gulangyu islet.

Address: No. 7 Guanjun Road, Nanshan Xiamen, Fujian 361006 China 中国福建省厦门南山冠军路 7 号,邮政编码361006
Reservation hotline: +86 592 770 9999
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