Brazilian Head of State stays at Marco Polo Xiamen during BRICS

Updated: 2017-09-12
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As one of the five BRICS countries, Brazil attended the 2017 BRICS Conference as expected on September 3rd, 2017. On that day, the president of that beautiful country, President Michel Temer, arrived in Xiamen and checked into the Marco Polo Xiamen. On September 5th, when the meeting ended, President Temer, busy with official duties, left Xiamen. As the 2017 BRICS Conference ended satisfactorily, Marco Polo Xiamen’s reception of President Temer came to a successful conclusion on September 5th as well.



Ms. Xu Meili, general manager of Marco Polo Xiamen, cordially welcoming the president of Brazil, President Michel Temer, and expressing her cordial greetings to the president.

Dashing and hale President Michel Temer and his warm Brazilian smile.
“Brazil is our most distant friend among the five BRICs countries in terms of geographical distance”
“Everyone has been expecting to see the great man who has finally come out of the frame”

Red carpet, beautiful flowers, and bright lights — everything was well-prepared for welcoming the arrival of the president. The nervous feelings of the hotel’s staff disappeared as the president got out of his car wearing an amiable and passionate smile. President Temer’s amiable gentlemanly manner left a deep impression on all the people present.


Ceremonial ladies dressed in Chinese traditional cheongsam presenting welcome bouquets to the president.

- Presenting the Most Beautiful "Xiamen Impression" -  

“Outside Marco Polo Xiamen’s windows are the bright lights of Xiamen island. This place possess the most beautiful night view of Yundang Lake.”

During the BRICS Conference, Marco Polo Xiamen prepared the No. 848 presidential suite which possesses views of the beautiful urban landscape and tranquil Yun dang Lake for President Temer for the sake of presenting the most beautiful “Xiamen Impression” to him.



The beautiful night view of Yundang Lake



- Presidential Level HP Moonshot Concierge Services - 

“There is an intimate service called 24-hour professional personal service”

To make President Temer feel at home, Marco Polo Xiamen offered super high standard accommodation services during his stay in Xiamen, and especially provided him two professional hotel executive housekeepers who served 24 hours a day. Marco Polo Xiamen followed out the “It is a delight to have friends coming afar” Chinese etiquette with exquisite welcoming tea and dessert, and efficient and healthy delicate breakfast services.


President Michel Temer and hotel executive housekeeper Gilbert (on the left) and Vera (on the right) taking group photos in presidential suite 848
President Michel Temer spoke to reporters in the hotel’s lobby

At the same time, with its excellent hospitality concepts, Marco Polo Xiamen offered fabulous and far beyond expectations accommodation experiences for international guests and government staff. A wonderful shared memory was created during these three days.


President Michel Temer, and Ms. Xu Meili taking a group photo.

President taking a photo with the hotel’s management

Before leaving, President Temer gave his high praise to the hotel’s unique combined atmosphere of east and west and its excellent hospitality concepts, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to Marco Polo Xiamen’s general manager and attendants.


Having played a significant role in the hotel industry in Xiamen for 20 years, Marco Polo Xiamen has received numerous celebrities from all walks of life since the day it officially opened. To meet the demands of the 2017 BRICS conference hosted in Xiamen, Marco Polo Xiamen spent more than 10 million to make overall improvements of its hardware and software facilities for the reception work, with a hope to provide better accommodation experiences to guests from all over the world in the future with its new look and higher standard services.



Marco Polo Xiamen 厦门马哥孛罗东方大酒店

Address: No.8 Jianye Road, Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen 361012, Fujian, China 中国福建省厦门市湖滨北建业路8号
Reservation hotline: +86 0592-509 1888
Official Website:
WeChat: marcopolo-xm



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