2017 Autumn wedding sharing session at Marco Polo Xiamen

Updated: 2017-10-11
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The weather in Xiamen during Autumn season is so cool and comfortable that make Autumn in Xiamen a perfect season for hosting weddings. It was during such a cosy season that Marco Polo Xiamen had come up with an idea to share tips of how to host an unforgettable wedding with a group of soon-to-be married couples. On September 23rd, 2017, Marco Polo Xiamen had perfectly presented an exquisite and deluxe Autumn wedding sharing session featuring black, golden, and white as the main color. On the session, the hotel’s wedding experts had offered luxurious wedding services for the guests at the scene and the hotel per se had launched a largest wedding banquet discount and a most luxurious gift this year. More special offers with each table costs only from RMB 3,188 are continue to be available!

Afternoon-tea style wedding sharing session

Western-style elegant black main table decorated with beautiful white roses created a fresh and elegant atmosphere. The hotel’s classic cheesecakes and tempting purple sparkling beverages had pleased the taste buds of the guests presented.
On the wedding sharing session, Marco Polo Xiamen had invited a newly-married couple to share their thoughts and feeling about their marriage and their married life. At the same time, senior wedding planner, wedding hosts, and dressers were invited to share their tips of wedding preparations as well.

Dessert Table

Wedding Dress Display

Perfect places for hosting weddings
 Main venue of wedding ceremony --Ballroom with fabulous view of Yundang Lake
Outdoor swimming pool and Silkrooms
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