High altitude glass skywalk in Quanzhou, an hour from Xiamen

Updated: 2017-11-14
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The new Daping Mountain greenway demonstration section in Quanzhou opened to the public for free on November 1st. Tourists can now pass through the greenway either by bike or on foot. The greenway includes a 4.04-kilometer pedestrian path and a 4.01-kilometer bike path. A series of beautiful scenic spots are dotted along the road including a luminous promenade, a glass skywalk, a giant Zheng Chenggong Statue, and much more.

Glass skywalk


As the most exciting part of the greenway, the glass skywalk is a must-see. Those brave enough to step out onto the glass must first don a pair of protective disposable galoshes, available for sale on site. Special tips for girls: don’t wear a skirt if you plan to walk on the skywalk, as there's a pedestrian pathway beneath it.



Luminous promenade


The luminous promenade, located between Shanhou village (in Baoshan community) and Forest Park (森林公园), is 560 meters in length. It’s the first luminous promenade in China. After absorbing sunlight throughout the day, the luminous promenade can glow for more than eight hours at night and then gradually fades. The luminous promenade has three colors: luminous blue and yellow-green, and non-luminous dark gray. It’s possible to “draw” on the promenade with a flashlight at night; shine a light on the surface and a minute or two later the surface will glow.



Guan Hai Lan Sheng


Guan Hai Lan Sheng is a building built from ancient beacon towers. Standing near the Guan Hai Lan Sheng gives one a wide view of Quanzhou’s scenery, including Baoshan Garden (宝珊花园), the Luoyang River (洛阳江), New District (城东新区), Qingyuan Mountain (清源山), and the Zheng Chenggong statue.


Zheng Chenggong Statue


The Zheng Chenggong Statue on Quanzhou Daping Mountain is 38 meters in height including its eight-meter-high base. It is 166.2 meters above sea level.



How to get there


★ Entrance one (starting point): Chenggong courier station (成功驿站). Halfway up Daping Mountain Road.
★ Entrance two (destination): By following Yingbin Hotel Road, you can reach the endpoint of the greenway--Zai Ben (载奔). There’s a Ubike station (小黄人站点,或优拜单车站点) nearby.
★ Entrance three (to the city): Go straight up Jin Bao Road (津宝路) across from the Quanzhou Affiliated Middle School of Beijing Normal University (北京师范大学泉州附属中学) until you see the Chang’an driver’s education school (畅安驾校), then turn left. There’s a Ubike station near the backdoor of Bao Shan Garden (宝山花园).
★ Entrance four (to the east of the city): Enter Shengtai Road (生态路) from Anji Road (安吉路) , and then enter Yangdian Natural village (洋店自然村), keep going, and you’ll arrive at the greenway. There’s a Ubike station nearby.




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