Conrad Xiamen launches Chinese wedding show for autumn

Updated: 2018-09-08
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Are you holding a wedding this autumn, but not sure how to plan the event, or how you'd like your wedding to look? For a bit of inspiration, check out Conrad Xiamen's 2018 autumn wedding show review as follow, or order your wedding banquet and services directly through the hotel.


On September 2nd, 2018, Conrad Xiamen joined hands with Elysia International Wedding Limited (易瑾国际) to hold a vintage Chinese-style autumn wedding show on the hotel's sixth-floor, 760-square-meter grand ballroom. The wedding show's color scheme was red, gold, and blue, including a flourish of beautiful pink and white flowers. Over 100 couples and 30 media members were invited to the event.




The wedding show's theme was "德易双馨" ("de yi shuang xin"). The "德" ("de") came from the third word of the hotel's Chinese name — "康莱德" ("kang lai de") — and the "易" ("yi") came from the first character of Elysia International Wedding Limited's Chinese name.




As a land of ceremony and decorum, China has many admirable traditional rituals. Conrad Xiamen's autumn wedding show featured these characteristic traditional Chinese rituals beautifully — from the fetching of the bride to the uncovering of the bridal veil. The highlight of the event was a Chinese wedding dress show sponsored by Huafen Wedding Dresses (华芬嫁衣).



The hotel's autumn wedding show provided attendees with the opportunity to meet wedding professionals offering all the information they could need to plan a perfect wedding.



Wedding banquets: At Conrad Xiamen, wedding banquets start from RMB 4,688 per table. Order 10 tables or more and enjoy a complimentary baby banquet — the traditional Chinese celebration typically held at the end of the first month after the baby is born.


Wedding planning: Elysia International Wedding Limited has successfully helped several Chinese movie and teleplay stars, and other celebrities — including Yang Zhishan, Ken Chu, and Chinese diver Wu Minxia — in planning their weddings. Those who booked wedding planning services from Elysia International Wedding Limited and paid their deposit at the wedding show on September 2nd enjoyed special offers and had a chance to win a complimentary baby banquet planning service offered by the company.



Wedding dresses: Huafen Wedding Dresses has created custom-made Chinese wedding attire for Chinese diver Wu Minxia and her husband Zhang Xiaocheng, as well as Chinese actress Gan Lu and Chinese rapper GAI, and for other celebrities.


Wedding video: Sanduanjin Studio Photography (三段锦) has offered wedding video services for many Chinese celebrity couples, including Wu Jing and Xie Nan, Wu Minxia and Zhang Xiaocheng, Bao Beier and Bao Wenjing, Ken Chu and Han Wenwen, Jin Zhiwen and Jin Lan, and more.


Wedding accessories: Qiaose Feiyi Diancui Studio (侨色非遗点翠工作室).


Special offers for attendees who placed an order at the wedding show

Attendees of the wedding show were given the chance to enjoy special offers and to win room vouchers and meal coupons offered by Conrad Xiamen and other Hilton hotels in China.


1. Special offers on wedding banquet packages:
- “Harmonious Union Lasting A Hundred Years (百年好合)”-themed wedding banquet: RMB 4,688 per table plus 15-percent service charge. Order 10 tables or more and enjoy a complimentary baby banquet.

- "Gold-and-Jade Predestined Match (金玉良缘)"-themed wedding banquet: RMB 5,688 per table plus 15-percent service charge. Order 10 tables or more and enjoy a complimentary baby banquet.
- "Prosperity Brought by the Dragon and the Phoenix (龙凤呈祥)"-themed wedding banquet: RMB 6,688  per table plus 15-percent service charge. Order 10 tables or more and enjoy a complimentary baby banquet and RMB 1,500 off per table.



2. Special offers available due to generous sponsors:
- Book your wedding dress from “Huafen Wedding Dresses” and enjoy a 12-percent discount.
- Book wedding video services from "Sanduanjin Studio Photography" and enjoy a five-percent discount; book a package and enjoy a five-percent discount and a complimentary photo finishing service valued at RMB 600. Follow the studio’s WeChat Official Account to obtain a voucher for marriage certificate photos.
- Book wedding photography services from "SenDaoVision" and enjoy RMB 1,000 off.
- Book wedding video services from "StoneFilm" and enjoy a five-percent discount.
- Book makeup service from "iLynnMAKEUP" and enjoy a 10-percent discount.
- Book wedding MC services from "Sixiangzhe (司想者)" and enjoy a 10-percent discount.
- Book a wedding dress valued at a minimum of RMB 15,000 from “WhiteRosa 国际婚纱馆,” and enjoy RMB 7,020 off.
- Book high-end custom men’s wedding attire from "MasonTan" and enjoy a 10-percent discount.
- Book a wedding cake from “枫糖 Cake Design" and enjoy a 12-percent discount.
- Buy 100 wedding gifts from "Jin Li (锦礼手信)" and get five for free.



760-square-meter grand ballroom

Equipped with a 380-square-meter front hall with stunning sea views, a deluxe bridal dressing room equipped with professional makeup lights and a bathroom, and a bridal lounge where the dressed bride can rest and wait for the start of the wedding, Conrad Xiamen’s 760-square-meter pillar-less grand ballroom is the perfect venue for hosting wedding and other banquets, either Chinese or western. The grand ballroom can accommodate up to 400 guests. The ballroom’s ceiling is as high as eight meters, making the space suitable for virtually any type of wedding staging.



Conrad Xiamen’s wedding service team

Conrad Xiamen has a professional wedding service team that takes care of every detail, from wedding date confirmation, invitation design, wedding process planning, wedding cake ordering, wedding banquet menu design, wedding flowers, and guest reception. The hotel’s service team consistently make patrons feel at ease.



Food and accommodations

Conrad Xiamen possesses five distinctive restaurants and a bar, offering Chinese and western food, buffet food, afternoon tea, and cocktails. The hotel's professional catering team can provide excellent custom catering services and hearty cuisine for patrons on their special days. The hotel has 241 rooms in total including several suites. All of Conrad Xiamen’s rooms, including guest rooms and suites, enjoy the same high-quality services offered by the hotel.




Conrad Xiamen 厦门康莱德酒店
Address: No. 186, Yanwuxi Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, 361005, P.R. China 中国厦门思明区演武西路 186 号
Reservation hotline: +86 0592-258 6666
Official Website:
Wechat: Conradxiamen



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