Xiamen glass pearls embroidery, adopted by international fashion

Updated: 2019-04-10
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Elie Saab, a popular Lebanese fashion brand, is a top choice among female celebrities when they choose what to wear on the red carpet. The brand is popular not only for its stylish designs and luxury fabrics, but also due to the attention to detail shown in every item. 

The stylist of the brand, Mr. Elie Saab, has made a career of delivering "fashion fantasies." In Elie Saab's design portfolio, clothes that can be made by hand are never made by machine. In addition to his insistence on employing the finest Lebanese tailors to hand-stitch garments, his works also use glass-pearl embroidery, which is highly expressive in color. 
Chinese glass-pearl embroidery is based on Chinese embroidery that originated in the Tang dynasty and reached its peak in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Glass-pearl embridery often uses sundry color beads including pearls, glass pearls, and sequins as decorative materials. 
The craft of glass-pearl embroidery is among Xiamen's provincial intangible cultural heritage projects. Xiamen glass-pearl embroidery has a history of nearly 100 years. The most famous type of glass-pearl embroidery that has come from Xiamen is embroidered slippers, which were once exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, and the United States. 
In the late 1980s, the development of Xiamen glass-pearl embroidery reached its peak. In the 1990s, due to rising labor costs and for other historical reasons, Xiamen glass-pearl embroidery gradually faded. Nowadays, thanks the efforts of a group of people including Xie Liyu, the inheritor of Xiamen glass-pearl embroidery handicraft, Xiamen glass-pearl embroidery is slowly but surely gaining increased recognition.
There are two main types of glass-pearl embroidery: Pearl embroidery and glass-pearl embroidery.
Drawing, needle, thread, beads, scissors, embroidery frames, fabric.
Range of useCoats, dress shirts, slippers, hats, bags, jewelry boxes, blankets, belts, curtains, and more. 
Xie Liyu and the mayor of Wellington 
Works featuring glass-pearl embroidery
Most products are now mass-produced by machines in factories. But glass-pearl embroidery, because of its meticulous and intricate stitching, is a job that machines can't do easily. Every stitch of a product featuring glass-pearl embroidery reflects the spirit of craftsmanship and the profound emotions of its craftsperson. Each piece of glass-pearl embroidery is unique. If you are interested in glass-pearl embroidery, please visit the shop to learn more about the history of and products made with Xiamen glass-pearl embroidery.   
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