Xiamen - Gateway to China

Updated: 2008-08-15
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Xiamen is an island city that has an international airport on the island which is easy to get to if you want to fly somewhere. Unlike Shanghai Pudong airport that is miles out of town. Xiamen Gaoqi Airport is a world class international airport that connects directly to many international cities, such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Manila, Kuala Lumpur etc


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Gaoqi Airport is the fourth largest airport in China. It has domestic flight connections almost to all parts of China.


With the thawing tense relation with Taiwan, XIamen is fast becoming a hub and gateway to Taiwan. There are direct flights now connect Xiamen to Taiwan major airports. However, there still have certain restrictions to date, flights are only available on the weekend, ie Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Alternatively, there are international ferries going to the Taiwan island of Jinmen or Kinmen from Xiamen everyday. And there is a domestic airport in Jinmen island that connects to other major cities of Taiwan.


The ferries go to the island from Xiamen newly constructed International Ferry Terminal in Dongdu District. Ferries also go to other places and islands which are very cheap and really nice to visit. Xiamen is a great place to go shopping, dining out and has a lively night life.


If you have never been to China before and you want to have a nice landing spot then this area of China is for you. Or may be you're already working in China and you want to escape the cold north. The main cities make up the area of Min Nan known as the "Golden Triangle." Also you can go to the beaches that are clean.

Minnan is opposite of Taiwan on the eastern coast of Fujian province. It is a sub-tropical region so for those who want to thaw out from the cold north then move here. As it is near tropics there is a wet period between spring and summer however winter is not freezing and mostly sunny. 

Quanzhou was originally a maritime port during the silk road days. Now it is a relatively large city on the coast close to beaches. It only takes an hour and a half to get to Xiamen but there is not a lot of reasons to do so. Quanzhou has everything you need, plenty of restaurants such Brazilian all you can eat, steak houses and much more.


Zhang Zhou is only an hour bus ride from Xiamen or 40 minutes by ferry. There is an old part of town which is a maze of old alleys that the locals still use for shops such as bicycles and fishing equipment. Fun to explore if you enjoy old parts of towns in China that haven't turned into tourist parks. The town has a few pubs and even a disco but not just any but a super disco. There is a pool barn if you're not into dancing and there is even lots of old video arcades. Many restaurants to eat outside along the river and places to have a BBQ as well.

Around Minnan there are places to go white water rafting, ultra light flying and scuba diving. Fujian has one of the longest coastlines in China. Fujian also boosts the greenest province in China. You can swim, surf, sail many of its beaches and coastal waters. You can visit many of its fishing town and villages. Or you can track many of its mountains and villages hidden among these mountains.

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