Nice and comfortable accommodations at Yoga Village

Updated: 2009-12-12
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Quiet and convenient location, tasty home-made vegetarian food, and professional yoga courses make Yoga Village a special and nice accommodation. Since the opening date on 15th August, 2009, Yoga Village has received many guests from China and abroad.
A beautiful old villa with nice garden
Yoga Village, an old style villa with a nice garden
Walking through the paths, you can finally get to an old villa with a nice garden. There are various species of plants arrayed or planted in the village. The villa looks old from the outside, but all of the rooms are newly reconstructed and decorated into different styles and colors, and each room has special selected plants by Lily, the owner of the village. It is a cozy and natural environment for accommodations.
Yoga Village received its first guests on the next day of opening. Fridolin and Ruediger, who come from Germany, had their nice experience at Yoga Village. "The house and garden are simple but give a sense of happiness. It’s so cool in summer. We’d rather stay to have beers and chat in the garden than go out." they said.
A comfortable and convenient accommodation for tourists


Accommodation and vegetarian food at Yoga Village
When living in the village, you can cook by yourselves in the common kitchen provided for guest’s use. It takes a 10 minute walk to Zhongshan Road for shopping from Yoga Village. (Zhongshan Road is Xiamen's most busy and prosperous business district ). However, meats are not allowed and you can only cook vegetables in the village. You can also try vegetable dishes by Lily's mother. Every expat who has ever lived in Yoga Village loves the delicious vegetarian food cooked by Lily's mother. However, you should order the dishes 24 hours in advance. A set menu of 30RMB per meal can be arranged with Lily's mother. 
Alex, a backpacker from Australia, is a regular guest of Yoga Village. When he comes to Xiamen, he always lives in Yoga Village. He likes to have soybean milk made by Lily's mother for breakfast, enjoy vegetarian dinners and Hakka home-made wine with the family.
Furthermore, other guests from France, Mexico and other countries also have enjoyed their time in Yoga Village and sent emails to say “Thank you” to Lily and her mother.
A venue for Yoga fans


Morning exercise at Yoga Village
There are yoga classes in the village everyday. The classes are open to any people of any ages, genders, races, and nationalities. Anyone who likes yoga can join. After the class, you 'donate' what you feel it worth into the money box on the wall.
Mr. Li Xiaozhong, a professional yoga teacher, Light of Yoga in Beijing prefers to live in Yoga Village when he comes to Xiamen to give yoga trainings. Meanwhile, a lot of yoga people come from Tibet and other cities choose to stay in Yoga Village to spend their holiday.
Make reservation
Email the owner Lily at
Telephone Lily at + 86 592 2038991 or + 86 592 139 060 23934
Room rate
From RMB180 per night
How to get there:


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Bus: But No.3, 4, 8, 12, 18, 19, 21, 27, 32, 51, 59, 87, 507, 517, 533, 534, 809, 812. Take off at Zhongshan Park Bus Stop
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Address: No.3 Tong'an Li, Gongyuan Nan Road, Xiamen
SOURCE: Yoga Village
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