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Xiamen to invest 1 billion yuan to build cruise ship home port   13 Aug 2015
Xiamen to develop round-the-island cruise tours with an investment of RMB 4 billion   03 Aug 2015
SuperStar Libra Starts Service from Xiamen   30 Jul 2015
Xiamen launches crackdown on ferry ticket scalpers in Int'l Cruise Terminal    25 Jul 2015
Billion dollar mega ship Quantum of the Seas calls at Xiamen port   24 Jun 2015
New Matsu-Fujian ferry route to be launched in July   26 May 2015
Taiwan-registered private cars allowed to travel in Xiamen   05 May 2015
Hong Kong to tap into China's booming cruise market   18 Mar 2015
Gulangyu adopts real-name ferry ticket system   25 Feb 2015
Xiamen expected to receive more cruise liners in 2015   08 Jan 2015
Gulangyu ferry services to introduce 10 ticket vending machines   13 Nov 2014
New timetable for ferries between Xiamen and Gulangyu Island   10 Nov 2014
Haicang's Songyu Wharf introduces new time table for Gulangyu ferry route   24 Oct 2014
Tickets for Xiamen-Gulangyu ferry services available for sale online   22 Oct 2014
Xiamen-Gulangyu ferry to be equipped with air conditioners   14 Oct 2014
Ferry fares to significantly rise for tourists to Gulangyu   07 Oct 2014
'Voyager of the Seas' set sail from Xiamen with 3,000 passengers   25 Sep 2014
Bailuzhou Park launches Yundang Lake Flower Boat Cruise   15 Sep 2014
Xiamen to build world's biggest Ro-Ro passenger ship   29 Aug 2014
More international cruise ships to homeport in Xiamen   29 Jul 2014
'Superstar Virgo' of Star Cruises sets sail from home port Xiamen   17 Jul 2014
Huoshaoyu Islet in Xiamen to pilot yacht tourism   17 Jun 2014
High-speed cruise liner makes its inaugural voyage from Taipei to Fujian    29 May 2014
China to become largest cruise market in Asia-Pacific region by 2020   10 Apr 2014
Xiamen speeds up efforts for cruise home port construction   21 Feb 2014
More big cruises to make home port in Xiamen this year    18 Feb 2014
Year of Marine Tourism: Chinese tourists shifting their gaze to blue ocean    18 Dec 2013
Xiamen Int'l Cruise Terminal wins Best Growing Competence Award 2013    29 Nov 2013
First regular cruise line linking Xiamen & Kaohsiung in Taiwan was launched   02 Oct 2013
Experience multidimensional fun with SuperStar Gemini's new Xiamen itineraries   26 Sep 2013
Star Cruises announces its first homeport deployment in Xiamen    08 Aug 2013
Travel from Xiamen to Zhangzhou, and Haimen Islet by ferry   25 May 2013
Cruise ship Crystal Symphony to sail into Xiamen in March   22 Nov 2012
Xiamen sets to become int'l cruise destination in southeast China   19 Oct 2012
Xiamen Yundang Lake cruise gets unexpected cold shoulder during trial run    17 Oct 2012
Super cruise ship Costa Victoria set to make home port in Xiamen next Jan   25 Sep 2012
Italy-based MSC Cruises seeking cooperation with Xiamen   14 Sep 2012
Xiamen to launch Yundang Lake night tour during 16th CIFIT   07 Sep 2012
Silversea to offer new Asia Pacific itineraries featuring luxury small-ship journeys   27 Aug 2012
Costa Cruises makes ocean getaway no longer a dream for Chinese travelers   22 Aug 2012
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