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Fujian Travel
Long’an Village — Fujian’s ‘little Potala Palace’   18 Jan 2018
Recognising past glory: Ancient buildings in Quanzhou   10 Jan 2018
Visit expo & secure your free tour to amazing Ningde, apply now!   05 May 2016
Coming May holiday in Fujian, we like you to go places!    28 Apr 2016
Beyond Gulangyu: 9 lesser known beautiful islands in Fujian   23 Nov 2015
Inside Quanzhou’s “oyster village,” where people use oyster shells to build houses   08 Sep 2015
Dehua wins the title of 'World Ceramics Capital'   11 Jun 2015
Explore the Golden Area - Free trip to Ningde for electric motor expo & sightseeing   14 May 2015
Discounts for tourists in Ningde on National Tourism Day on May 19   12 May 2015
Zither village in Fujian: Producer of musical charm   21 Apr 2015
World's first multimedia waterfall-theatre launched in Wuyishan   13 Apr 2015
Construction starts on tourism complex on Fujian's Pingtan Island   09 Apr 2015
Breathtaking Danxia landform in Taining County of Fujian   07 Apr 2015
Fujian plans to add 40 scenic resorts on class-A list in 2015   19 Feb 2015
Amazing timber arch bridges in Fujian province   12 Jan 2015
Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou - Exemplifier of Buddhist culture   09 Jan 2015
7 of the most stunning spots in Fujian   16 Dec 2014
Fujian's Pingtan Island entices visitors with more tourism choices   01 Dec 2014
Baishuiyang named in China's Top 10 Sports Tourism Destinations   17 Nov 2014
Taiwan subsidizes tourists to boost Matsu Island tourism   04 Nov 2014
Hakka and tea culture featured in Xiamen tourism promotion event   31 Oct 2014
Get a different taste of China - Discover the Hakka community in Southern Fujian   21 Oct 2014
Xiamen, Quanzhou & Fuzhou - A travel guide to Fujian's 3 most popular cities   10 Oct 2014
One-day tour in Quanzhou - Historic port city is rich in culture   26 Sep 2014
Best seaside moon watching spots in China   03 Sep 2014
Longyan tourism growth best in Fujian   18 Aug 2014
Fujian's first large-scale duty-free shopping mall to open in Fuzhou   28 Jul 2014
Xiamen tops list of 6 most popular cities in Fujian for 2014   25 Jul 2014
Steeped in history: Wuyi Mountain in Fujian   13 Jun 2014
Take a closer look at Meihua Mountain Nature Reserve in Fujian    12 Jun 2014
Urban rail transportation booming in Fujian   09 Jun 2014
Beautiful Longyan - a wonderful place for graduation travel destination   21 May 2014
Fujian scenic spots to open for free on National Tourism Day    15 May 2014
Guanzhaishan Mountain, a national key tourist destination in Fujian's Longyan    14 May 2014
Longyan's Hukeng village welcomes visitors   05 May 2014
Recommended places for exploring beauty of Fujian along XiaShen HSR    16 Apr 2014
Longyan Peitian, a well-preserved ancient Hakka village in Fujian   03 Apr 2014
Take a stroll in Sanzhou Ancient Village in Fujian's Longyan    02 Apr 2014
Taining Danxia landform, spectacle consisting of 3 world wonders in Fujian    25 Mar 2014
Exploring Chongwu Stone City, the stone carving capital of the world   21 Mar 2014
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