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Fujian Travel
Quanzhou: Ancient city packed with culture & history just 80km from Xiamen   04 Mar 2014
Fujian Tulou among China's top 10 tourism destinations in 2013   22 Feb 2014
Dingwuling, a Hakka village that is known for primitive style in Longyan    10 Feb 2014
Fujian announces 17 new four-star countryside scenic spots    19 Dec 2013
Top places to visit in Fujian during the coming holidays    12 Dec 2013
Hui'an County, 'The hometown of Chinese folk art' in Fujian   11 Dec 2013
Feast your eyes on gorgeous natural scenery on Mount Taimu in Fuding   16 Oct 2013
Get out & admire natural beauty in Taining, Fujian    15 Oct 2013
Explore the history of tea trade in Fujian's Xiamei Village   20 Sep 2013
3 tourist spots in Fujian named China's 4A attractions    17 Sep 2013
Xiamei, a peaceful village almost untouched by modern world in Fujian   06 Sep 2013
Quanzhou Chongwu, the old walled town in Fujian has vibrant heart   24 Aug 2013
Yongding Tulou, precious architectural treasures of Hakka people in Fujian   15 Aug 2013
List of top 10 most beautiful islands in Fujian unveiled    08 Jul 2013
Xiapu: China's most beautiful mudflat in Fujian    05 Jul 2013
Getting closer to Fujian Xunpu, a fishing village with its own unique style   01 Jul 2013
Fujian Tulou, an intriguing piece of history that dates back centuries    20 Jun 2013
Stepping back in time: Retired engineer's awe-inspiring visit to Fujian Tulou    15 Jun 2013
Wuyi Mountain, a UNESCO natural & cultural heritage site in Fujian    30 May 2013
Getting to know Longyan, the famous 'Home of Hakka People' in Fujian   15 May 2013
Ningde-Wuyishan Expressway brings more tourists to Baishuiyang   08 May 2013
Jinjiang City in Fujian: China's Shoe Capital   22 Apr 2013
Yongding Tulou cluster: UNESCO world heritage site in Fujian   20 Apr 2013
Shuttle bus launched for people who want to admire the beauty of flowers   21 Mar 2013
A trip to Hutou, an ancient town in Quanzhou's Anxi County   06 Mar 2013
Fuzhou welcomed 32 million tourists in 2012, up 15.8 percent   04 Mar 2013
Survey shows Fuzhou airport among most satisfactory in China   27 Feb 2013
Fujian tourism income goes up to US$30 billion in 2012   05 Feb 2013
1,000-year-old wooden 'lounge bridges' preserved in Fujian   28 Dec 2012
A tourist's impression of Wuyi Mountain in Fujian   17 Dec 2012
'3 lanes & 7 alleys' in Fuzhou enters world heritage tentative list   03 Dec 2012
Stunning images of clouds taken over Wuyi Mountains, Fujian   07 Nov 2012
Explore Xunpu Village in Quanzhou, a place with fresh oysters & flamboyant women    20 Oct 2012
Cultural tourism booming in Cangshan district in Fuzhou    13 Oct 2012
Fujian tourism film to debut in Tiananmen during 18th NPC   12 Oct 2012
Fuzhou sees tourism revenue up 19.17% during Golden Week   11 Oct 2012
Pingnan, Wuyishan join hands to build Great Wuyishan Barrier-Free Tourism Ring   10 Oct 2012
4 hot scenic spots in Fuzhou, a city with a history of 2,200 years   06 Oct 2012
Quanzhou: Once prosperous port in Fujian is rich in history & culture   07 Sep 2012
Pingnan world geopark in Fujian gets national 5A scenic area status   29 Aug 2012
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