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Public Holiday
Xiamen celebrates 11th Yuanxiao Folk Custom Cultural Festival   02 Mar 2015
'Golden Week' tourist number down by 5.9% in Xiamen   09 Oct 2014
Origins and traditions of Dragon Boat Festival    02 Jun 2014
S. Korea & Thailand among hot overseas destinations for upcoming holiday   29 Apr 2014
The traditions on Long Tai Tou (dragon's head raising) Festival in China   06 Mar 2014
Why we have glutinous rice balls on Yuanxiao Festival   15 Feb 2014
Over 100,000 tourists squeeze onto Gulangyu in 24 hrs during CNY holiday   05 Feb 2014
Chinese authorities urge overburdened scenic spots to improve management    04 Oct 2013
China to operate more flights for upcoming National Day holiday   28 Sep 2013
Travel guide for traditional Mid-autumn Festival in China   16 Sep 2013
Dragon boat race held around China to mark traditional Duanwu Festival    13 Jun 2013
14 scenic areas in Fujian to cut entrance fees during May Day holiday    25 Apr 2013
Xiamen sees 1.27 million trips during weeklong holiday   18 Feb 2013
Xiamen travel agencies see boom in Spring Festival getaways   24 Jan 2013
Xiamen expects 7.08 million passengers for 2013 Chunyun   16 Jan 2013
40-day Spring Festival travel rush 2013 to start on Jan 26   12 Jan 2013
Tourists to flood into Xiamen during 3-day New Year's holiday   19 Dec 2012
Xiamen 4th popular in China during 8-day National Day holiday    08 Oct 2012
Xiamen's hotel industry ready to reap benefits of toll-free policy during National Day holidays   27 Sep 2012
8-day Golden Week a boost to Zeng Cuo An B&B inns    24 Sep 2012
Gulangyu sees sharp fall in booking for B&B inns for Golden Week   22 Sep 2012
Xiamen among China's hottest destinations during upcoming holidays   18 Sep 2012
Chinese tourists call off holiday plans to Japan over Diaoyu Island dispute   13 Sep 2012
China to see 362 million tourists during upcoming holidays    12 Sep 2012
Xiamen ranks 3rd on list of hottest destinations during 2012 Dragon Boat Festival   26 Jun 2012
Xiamen receives 601,300 tourists during 2012 May Day holiday   03 May 2012
Xiamen among top 10 toursist destinations in China during May Day holiday   28 Apr 2012
60% of Xiamen tourists to spend their May Day holiday overseas this year   18 Apr 2012
Guanglangyu packed with tourists during 3-day Qingming Festival holiday   06 Apr 2012
Xiamen ranks 2nd on list of hottest destinations during Qingming Festival   04 Apr 2012
27.4 mln to travel by train during Qingming Festival travel rush   26 Mar 2012
Gutian marks Lantern Festival with record breaking 791.5-metre parade float   10 Feb 2012
Xiamen ranks 2nd among China's New Year's holiday destinations   04 Jan 2012
Xiamen expected to receive 1.2m tourists during 2012 Spring Festival   26 Dec 2011
2.2m Chinese tourists expected to go overseas during National Day holiday   30 Sep 2011
Xiamen becomes most popular destination during Mid-Autumn Festival   14 Sep 2011
91 million Chinese expected to travel by train during upcoming holidays   02 Sep 2011
Xiamen's tourism revenue hit RMB 534m during Labor Day holiday   05 May 2011
Xiamen ranks 2nd most popular tourist destination during May Day holiday   03 May 2011
Xiamen ranks No.2 on 'top 10 tourist cities' list during upcoming Qingming Festival   01 Apr 2011
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