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Hefei-Fuzhou High-speed Railway starts operation on June 28   30 Jun 2015
Xiamen and Chongqing to be linked by high-speed railway by 2020   08 Jun 2015
Hefei-Fuzhou High-speed Railway timetable revealed   07 May 2015
Hefei-Fuzhou HSR scheduled to be put into operation before July 1st   02 May 2015
Ganzhou-Longyan railway to be finished by the end of June   15 Apr 2015
New express rail to connect Xiamen to Europe   25 Mar 2015
Take train to travel around 6 countries in 11 days from Xiamen   10 Mar 2015
Xiamen handles 4 mln inbound and outbound passengers in 2014   16 Jan 2015
Renovation of Xiamen Railway Station completed   19 Dec 2014
HSR to shorten Xiamen-Beijing travel time to 9.5 hours   08 Dec 2014
High-speed rail shortens Xiamen-Guangxi travel time   28 Nov 2014
Xiamen to have its first through train service to Changchun   19 Nov 2014
Fuzhou-Xiamen, Longyan-Xiamen HSR to support 'Expresspay Card'   17 Oct 2014
800,000 passengers predicted to take trains in Fuzhou from Sept 28 to Oct 7   30 Sep 2014
Ticket sales for Xiamen-Changsha bullet trains to kick off on Sep 18   09 Sep 2014
Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed railway scheduled to open in June, 2015   01 Sep 2014
High-speed railway linking Xiamen & Changsha to open soon   20 Aug 2014
Train tickets for XiaShen HSR selling well as Duanwu Festival nears   26 May 2014
High-speed rail route between Xiamen & Nanjing to open in July   23 May 2014
Xiamen-Beijing bullet train route expected to open this year    16 May 2014
High speed railway between Longyan and Ganzhou to open next year    09 May 2014
Hefei- Fuzhou High Speed Railway to open this year    15 Apr 2014
Fuzhou railway sation to add more trains for Spring Festival travel rush   30 Jan 2014
Xiamen-Shenzhen HSR enhances close relation between Xiamen and HK   28 Jan 2014
Imperfect public transit system a big problem for Xiamen North Station    22 Jan 2014
Xiamen North Railway Station: Largest railway hub in SE China    17 Jan 2014
China's online train booking system frustrates ticket-seekers   14 Jan 2014
Xiamen to operate more trains for 2014 CNY travel rush    13 Jan 2014
China's public transport braces for Spring Festival ticket rush   02 Jan 2014
Seven new high-speed railways begin operations in China   31 Dec 2013
CNY train tickets for Spring Festival travel available   24 Dec 2013
20 riders start experience journey on Xiamen-Shenzhen HSR today   17 Dec 2013
China places order for 258 new bullet trains worth US$7 billion    06 Dec 2013
Schedule for Xiamen-Shenzhen High Speed Railway released    26 Nov 2013
Chinese high-speed trains actively seeking customers overseas    04 Nov 2013
Why fly? Rail revolution forcing airlines to rethink their strategies    31 Oct 2013
China's high-speed rail now transports twice as many passengers as airlines   27 Sep 2013
Hangzhou-Ningbo HSR to shorten travel time between Xiamen & Nanjing   08 Jun 2013
High-speed rail link between Xiamen and Shenzhen to open by year's end   19 Feb 2013
Xiamen railway stations to see passenger flow peak   06 Feb 2013
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