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Visa & Immigration
Xiamen offers visa upon arrival for foreign passengers at Wutong port   05 Jun 2015
Individual Taiwan tourism extends to more mainland cities   30 Mar 2015
Xiamen to launch 72-hour visa-free stays on 1st April   27 Mar 2015
Taiwan offering visa on arrival for mainland tourists   05 Jan 2015
Britain & Ireland launch joint visa scheme to benefit Chinese, Indian tourists   13 Oct 2014
Thailand waives visa fees to bring back Chinese tourists   18 Jul 2014
Macau tightens restriction on mainland tourists   18 Jun 2014
Canada eases visa policy for Chinese tourists   21 Feb 2014
Short-stay visas no longer required for tourists to visit Beijing & Shanghai    02 Jan 2013
Kinmen: the closest & easiest option for your PRC visa run   21 Dec 2012
5 years visa now available for foreigners in China   12 Dec 2012
Beijing offers 72-hour visa-free entry for tourists from 45 countries   05 Dec 2012
Germany, France launch joint visa application center in Beijing   31 Oct 2012
China's new visa rules trouble US tourists & business travelers   21 Aug 2012
Frequently asked questions for Chinese visa   21 Jun 2012
Beijing mulling 3-day visa-free entry for foreign tourists   28 May 2012
Xiamen mulls establishing visa agency to boost Xiamen-Europe flights   14 Dec 2011
Japan to further relax visa conditions for Chinese tourists   12 Aug 2011
How to obtain a driver's license in Xiamen with your visa & passport    12 Mar 2011
Guides to custom clearance & immigration at Xiamen Int'l Airport   11 Mar 2011
Xiamen to offer foreigners 24-hour visa services at Gaoqi International Airport   02 Mar 2011
For stay extension in China, use Kinmen    03 Aug 2010
Thailand waives all visa fee for tourists   26 Feb 2009
Consulates in Xiamen   16 Feb 2009
China Visa, quick U-turn to Kinmen for a stay extension in China    08 Nov 2008
Taiwan to impose heavy fine for violation of quarantine at the Xiamen exit   23 Sep 2008
China visa curbs lifted   19 Sep 2008
Singaporean VISA free status resumed as from 19th September 2008   19 Sep 2008
24-hour customs clearance to begin during Olympics   13 Jun 2008
Visa applications rejected under new policies   04 Jun 2008
Games' guide - dos and don'ts for Foreigners   03 Jun 2008
No change in China's visa policy: official   19 May 2008
Foreign students not required to leave China during Olympics   19 Apr 2008
"China imposes new visa restrictions", said Hong Kong travel agents   18 Apr 2008
NZ adopts new transit visa requirements   27 Mar 2008
A Brief Intro to Chinese Visa and the Procedure for Visa Application   26 Jan 2008
Visa Formalities for Mainland Chinese & Expatriates to Taiwan   04 Aug 2007
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