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Updated: 2010-04-06
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 Xiamen Railway Station
Xiamen is connected to the national railway network through Yingtan-Xiamen Railway. Xiamen Railway Station, located at the intersection of Xiahe Road and Hudong Road, is a hub railway station in Eastern China.
Trains depart for most major cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chongqing, and Kunming. It's about 33 hours to Beijing, 26 hours to Shanghai, 14 hours to Guangzhou, and 34 hours to Xi’an.
There also have direct trains to most of the main cities in Fujian Province including Fuzhou, Sanming and Zhangzhou. In the peak seasons, there are also special tourist trains between Xiamen and Wuyishan, a hot tourist destination featuring the famous Wuyishan Mountain.
Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway
The Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway is scheduled to open for passengers on April 26, 2010. However, the final train schedule/timetable has not yet been officially released. Please check our website to get latest information.  
Buying train tickets by yourself:
Remember to take your passport with you if you want to book your train ticket by yourself. Tickets are available at the following locations:
1. Ticket Office of Xiamen Railway Station
Tickets for trains departing from Xiamen go on sale two days before the departure day. Tickets for trains departing from other places go on sale 19 days before the departure day.
Xiamen Railway Station can be easily reached by many buses such as the No.16, No.19, No.21, No.25, No.28 and No.37.
2. Ticket Office of Xiamen New Railway Station
The Xiamen New Railway Station, located at Yannei Village, Houxi Township, Jimei District, will be put into use with the opening of Fuzhou-Xiamen High-speed Railway this April.
The station is an important station along Fuzhou-Xiamen High-speed Railway and will be the departure and arrival station of the Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway, which is expected to be completed and open to traffic at the end of this year. 
3. Other Booking Offices around the City
Train tickets are also sold at many other places in Xiamen besides the train station. You can buy a seat ticket up to ten days before departure and a berth ticket up to nine days before departure in these booking offices:
1). Songbai Bus Station Ticket Center
Address: the exit of Songbai Bus Station, No.211, Lianyue Road
Bus Routes: 31, 33
Opening Hours: 8:00 – 11:30, 14:00 – 17:30
2). Heping Dock Ticket-Booking Office
Address: No.3, Lujiang Street
Bus Routes: 8, 12, 19, 27, 32, 51, 67, 71, 96
Opening Hours: 8:30 – 17:00
3). Haicang Ticket Office
Address: No.297, Canghong Road, Haicang District
Bus Routes: 71, 72, 803
Opening Hours: 8:20 – 18:00
Booking train tickets by phone:
You can also book a ticket by phone: 95105105 (Chinese-language service). Then they will do the rest and after receiving your payment, they will send the ticket reservation to your hotel some days before your departure date.
Reservations for the best Z-category express trains open 20 days in advance, but for most other trains bookings only open between 4 and 10 days before departure. The rules appear to vary. However, you can't buy a ticket before bookings open. Berths are best booked at least 2-3 days in advance, apart from peak periods (the Spring Festival, May Day 1st May, and National Day 1st October) when they should be booked as soon as reservations open.
Always arrive at the station in plenty of time before the departure of your train. There are security checks (including airline-style X-ray luggage checks) to go through before boarding. Departure indicators may be in Chinese, but you can easily find your train if you know the train number and departure time.
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