7,500yo sunken ancient forest found at Jinjiang Shenhu Bay

Updated: 2010-04-24
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The peaceful night scene of Shenhu Bay.
Shenhu Bay (深沪湾) is a natural harbour that is located in Jinjiang, Fujian. It has 18 kilometres of coastline with three sides surrounded by sea. The seemingly ordinary bay has an ancient submerged forest. The ancient submerged forest dates back to about 7,500 years ago.
Geological researches indicate that the Taiwan Strait was a shoal 10,000 years ago.
Shenhu Bay National Natural Reserve is situated in the intertidal zone that is 100-200 metres off the shore. The natural reserve was established with the approval of the State Council in 1992. It’s aimed at protecting the ancient forest, oyster reefs and metamorphic rocks. Such protection is unique in China and even rare in the world.
Oyster reef
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In the intertidal zone, there are over 60 ancient trees. The ancient trees, with about 20-25 metres submerged, can be seen at low tide. The largest tree stump is about 1 metre in diameter.
What to see:
Eco-fishing Opening Ceremony
In recent years, in order to curb over-fishing, the local government has banned off-season fishing. Fishing during the period from 1st June to August 1st is banned every year. After two months of fish reproduction and growth, the local fishermen host a grand eco-fishing opening ceremony on 1st August each year.
On the morning of 1st August, male fishermen get ready to set off the Shenhu Bay coast on their boats, carrying plenty of fish nets, ice blocks, tires, fuel, drinking water and food. There are an average of 10 fishermen on each boat. When the tide rises, boats set off as the signal bell rings. They will return in about ten days, usually with a good fish harvest.
What to eat:
Huzai Rice
Local delicacies at Shenhu Bay include fish balls, mackerel soup and Huzai Rice (壶仔饭). The Huzai Rice is steamed in an earthenware pot, spiced with dried shrimp, mushroom, egg, pork and peanut.


How to get there:
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1) Take a long-distance bus:
Start from Songbai Long-distance Bus Station to Quanzhou Long-distance Bus Station, take a bus to Longhu Town (龙湖镇), then take a motorcycle to Shenhu Bay National Natural Reserve.
2) Use a travel agent:
Renting a van packaged with driver is the next best alternative. Call Apple Travel to organize a trip there. If you’ve a small group, the ideal number in the group is 5 or 6.  


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