Dazuo Village - Village of Hui'an women and their costumes

Updated: 2009-07-21
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Hui'an, renowned as the town of Chinese stone carving, is famous for its Chongwu Ancient City and Dazuo Village.


Dazuo Village, located at the junction of East China Sea and South China Sea, is a first level fishing harbor of Chongwu and about 10-minute bus ride from Chongwu Town. With an area of about 4 square kilometres, Dazuo Village is well-known for the residence's of Hui'an Women. And it has been listed as one of the beautiful villages in Fujian.



The harworking and virtuous Hui'an Women working at the beach 


Surrounded by sea on three sides, Dazuo Village is a summer resort rich in natural landscapes and humanity resource. As for the humanity resource, the most famous and special attraction is Hui'an Women and their costumes which is unique in China.


Hui'an women are well-known to Chinese for their hardworking and virtuous which is due to the history. As in the ancient time, husbands sailed out for fishing, so Hui'an women took over all the farm work and housework. They do fishing, stone carving, ploughing, and other chores. Even today, when you travel to Dazuo, you can probably see Hui'an women working at the beach. Nowadays, some people may use "Hui'an Women" as a metaphor for hardworking.



 Special costume of Hui'an Women


Therefore, many visitors would like to travel to the village for Hui'an Women, especially for their costumes. Their costumes are designed to be more convenient for working. Hui'an women are always wearing yellow bamboo hats, cover chief with flower pattern, tight and short clothes and beslack. Besides, the colour of the clothes varies from seasons. In summer, the clothes are usually apple green, while in winter, they are blue. And as the clothes are short, Hui'an Women have their belly buttons revealed.


Another characteristic of Hui'an women is their coiffures. You can know whether the girl is married or not by coiffures. And a beautiful coiffure may take 4 hours to be done by the cooperation of 5-6 women.



Various coiffures of Hui'an women


Moreover, in recent years, Hui'an women have become a special scenery in Hui'an and attracted many professional photographers.


How to get there:


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1) Self-driving: Go to Hui'an by Quanxia Highway and then turn to G324 National Highway - then go to Dazuo Village by S201.


2) Use a travel agent:


Renting a van packaged with driver is the next best alternative. Call Apple Travel to organize a group tour. If you’ve a small group, The ideal number in the group is 5 or 6.


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