Confucius Temple in Quanzhou

Updated: 2010-01-09
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Confucius Temple in Quanzhou
A Confucius Temple is a typical combination of temple and school in ancient China. It is an embodiment of Confucian culture in architecture. There are numerous Confucius Temples of various sizes all over China. All these temples were exquisitely constructed as a sign of local respect to the Sage, Confucius (Kongzi).
In 2009, various celebrations were held in different Confucius Temples around China and the world to celebrate Confucius' 2560th birthday. Confucius' birthday is also UNESCO's World Teacher's Day.
Performers play ritual music during a ceremony to mark Confucius' 2560th birthday at the Confucius Temple on September 28, 2009 in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. Various celebrations are being held in different Confucian Temples around China and the world to worship the great ancient Chinese thinker and philosopher. Confucius's birthday is also UNESCO's World Teacher's Day. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images)
Quanzhou, an ancient city in Fujian, has an assortment of religious buildings. It has been called a museum of world religions. There are Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian temples plus Christian churches and one mosque.
The Confucius Temple in Quanzhou, located on Zhongshan Street, is one of the most well-preserved Confucius temples in China and the largest Confucius cultural complex in Southeast Asia.
Dadeng Grand Hall (大成殿), the main building of the complex, is constructed of seven rooms in face width and five sections in depth, bucket arched and the beams arranged in a crisscross pattern and painted or carved with dragons, birds, beasts, flowers and plants. The columns of the hall are stone, and 72 pieces of rectangular-shaped stone are laid on the surface of the bridge symbolizing the 72 favorite disciples of confucius. There are side rooms on both sides, Dacheng gate in the front and Jinshengyuzhen Gate.The present structure remains original from the early Qing dynasty, and was listed in the key national safeguard cultural relics in 2001.
 Students show off the red eggs they received after a ceremony held to worship Confucius, the great educater in ancient China, in a Confucius Temple in Quanzhou.  [Xinhua Photo]
Every year usually before the new semester of school begins, parents with children will pay respect before the statue of Confucius and hold ceremonies to pray for a good education for children in the new semester. Every child will finally be given red eggs.
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